Field Privacy Panel

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Mounting above the desk helps minimize ambient noise from around the office, while a below-desk mount provides a modesty screen. Made from PET recycled polyester: durable, lightweight, and sustainable.

Starts at $47.50 $95.00
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An easy way to make your space more your own

Making your space your own in an open office setting can be tough, but with the dual-use Field Privacy Panel, you can reclaim a little peace and privacy. These beautifully colored panels can easily be mounted above or below your desktop. Orient upward to help block the murmur of music and chatter, or make it a “modesty panel” by pointing it downward. The acoustic dampening material will absorb and minimize ambient noise from around the office.

Our Field Privacy Panels are incredibly durable, lightweight and economical. We’ve taken the time to find quality, fire-resistant materials with more than 50% recycled PET certified polyester. This means that even though the panels  are soft like wool, they’re made from plastic bottles, peanut butter jars, salad dressing carafes, and other plastic packaging containers.

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- 1 year warranty

Details and dimensions 
  • Panel sits 13.5" above the desk when attached to the top

  • Small panel dimensions: 27” x 18” x 0.5”

  • Medium panel dimensions: 47" x 18" x 0.5"

  • Large panel dimensions: 60" x 18" x 0.5"

  • Desk thickness for clamps: 0.6” - 1.8"

  • View Field Privacy Panel assembly instructions as a PDF

Materials and features
  • Made out of 50-65% PET recycled polyester content

  • Noise reduction: >.8 NRC

  • Fire resistance: Lowest range is 0-25

Shipping dimensions
  Length Width Height Weight
27" panel  29" 19"  2"  6 lbs 
47" panel 49" 19" 2" 7 lbs
60" panel 62" 19" 2" 8 lbs
Clamps  5" 5" 5" 2 lbs


Shipping details
  • Field Privacy Panels ship via FedEx Ground from Portland, OR and Nottingham, MD

  • Clamps and panels ship in separate boxes