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Can a desk totally change your attitude
toward work? We think so.

Best Standing Desk:
3 Years in a Row
The Wirecutter

Ergo Depot is now Fully

Ergo Depot is now Fully.

We sell and design desks, chairs and things that keep your body moving so you can work and live more fully. This has always been our purpose. Now it's our name.

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Fully - Adjustable Height Desks and Active Sitting Products



  • Sadie Lincoln

    Founder and Owner at Barre3

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    My entire team sits on a variety of Ergo Depot chairs and we love them! The beautiful thing about these chairs is they support the body for healthy posture. They are incredibly comfortable and also help to keep us active in our bodies. We’ve all noticed a difference in our energy levels and ability to focus for longer periods of time.
  • Justin Zhu

    Co-Founder and CEO at Iterable

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    We love the Jarvis desks and got one for every employee. It allows us to sit or stand as our energy and focus levels shift throughout the day, making us more productive, healthier and happier.
  • Katja Gussmann

    Office and Facilities Manager at Nuna Health

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    As a healthcare company we're focused on creating a healthy work environment for our staff and stand up desks were a top priority for us. The Jarvis desk has proved to be everything we were looking for from the ease of assembly to durability. Our staff loves them.