Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat

Starts at $99.00

The world’s first calculated terrain standing mat, with nature-inspired peaks and valleys to keep your body engaged and your posture in peaceful alignment.

Starts at $99.00
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The evolution of active working: active feet.

Humans didn’t evolve standing on perfectly flat ground—our feet, like our bodies, were meant to move. It was this thought that inspired Fully founder David Kahl to seek out ErgoDriven’s partnership in developing Topo, the first calculated terrain standing mat.

Unlike the standard flat mat, Topo’s nature-inspired peaks and valleys encourage you to move around, engaging your muscles, returning your body to its natural alignment, and relieving postural fatigue. Use the front corners of the mat as a footrest, the edges for a power stance, the back of the mat for a good stretch, and the ball in the center for a recharging foot massage.

While shoes will work perfectly fine with Topo, at the Fully office most of us prefer it with socks or bare feet.

fully home office bring some balance and energy floatdeckfully home office bring some balance and energy floatdeck

Bring some balance and energy to your home office

Our mats and balance boards are designed to encourage the subtle movements your body needs to stay comfortable, balanced, and energized.

fully topo mini and topo anti fatigue mats topo standard shapefully topo mini and topo anti fatigue mats topo standard shape
Details and dimensions 
  • 29" wide (along your desk) x 26.5" back (away from your desk) x 2.7" tall at highest peak
  • Weighs 8 lbs
  • 7 year warranty
Materials and features

One-piece integral-skin polyurethane foam colored with dye, not paint
Durable skin wipes clean and resists puncture
Data-driven design facilitates blood flow and movement
Topo's calculated terrain features are proven to drive natural, healthy movement

Shipping dimensions
Topo 30"  27"  4"   8 lbs
Shipping details

Topo Standing Mat ships via FedEx Ground from Portland, OR and Nottingham, MD.

More Information

More Information
Upholstery color Pink
fully topo mini and topo anti fatigue mats topo mini in use by man with jarvis desk lifestyle photofully topo mini and topo anti fatigue mats topo mini in use by man with jarvis desk lifestyle photo

The #1 standing mat for your #1 standing desk

Not only is Topo the perfect addition to your active work life, it’s the perfect match for your Jarvis standing desk: both Jarvis and Topo were The Wirecutter’s #1 picks in their categories.

Topo comes in two sizes: the original Topo, designed for a standard or larger standing desk, and Topo Mini for a smaller desktop.