Hardwood and Reclaimed Wood Standing Desks

 Bring the natural world indoors with a one- of- a- kind, hand-crafted  solid wood standing desk

We partnered with expert woodworkers from across the US to bring you unique, modern, high-quality hardwood and reclaimed wood standing desks. These desktops are expertly handcrafted to connect your workspace with the beauty of the outdoors.

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Your Fully Questions, Answered (FAQ)

Is reclaimed wood real wood?

  • Yes, reclaimed wood is real wood that is sustainably salvaged from old barns, factories, and houses that were being renovated or demolished. Reclaimed wood desks show the natural beauty and character of the tree they were harvested from. Elevate your active workspace with a one of a kind reclaimed wood desk.

Why should I use a reclaimed wood desk?

  • Using a reclaimed wood desk is a unique, earth conscious way to shop sustainably and support the environment by recycling and reusing old materials. Each reclaimed wood desk is hand-crafted from solid wood that showcases the texture, grain, and character of this natural living material.

What is a reclaimed wood desk made of?

  • Our reclaimed wood desks are hand-crafted with 100% FSC-certified solid recycled fir wood that was salvaged from old factories, barns, and houses across the United States. The manufacturing process is environmentally conscious and sustainable. Each wood standing desk is sealed with an industry-standard, restaurant grade conversion varnish that does not emit VOCs.

Is reclaimed wood good for furniture?

  • Yes, reclaimed wood is a great material for furniture. Our reclaimed wood standing desks combine modern design, honest materials, and quality craftsmanship. Each of our reclaimed wood and hardwood desks is sealed with conversion varnish that makes them water and stain resistant for lasting durability against everyday wear and tear as you work.

Can you stain a reclaimed wood desk?

  • Our reclaimed wood standing desks come fully finished and sealed for lasting quality to protect their natural beauty. We do not advise staining the wood standing desk on your own, if you would like to change the finish or choose a new stain, we recommend consulting a local carpenter to ensure the finish is done properly without compromising the quality of your one-of-a-kind wood standing desk.

How thick should a hardwood desk be?

  • All of our hardwood and reclaimed wood desks are manufactured to the most durable thickness to support the many projects and tasks you’ll do at your desk. The hardwood desks are 1.25” thick, and the reclaimed wood desks are 1.4” thick for a solid and stable wood standing desk that’s designed to last.