Kids Adjustable Desks

Imagination-stirring desks that support your child’s moving, growing, shape-shifting ways.

Children are naturally active learners. A kids adjustable desk supports their desire for movement-focused learning; letting them sit, stand, bounce, and sway while they do their work.

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Your Fully Questions, Answered (FAQ)

How long do height adjustable kids desks last?

  • Our adjustable children’s desks are built with longevity in mind. Every one of our desktop surfaces has a protective finish that will outlast even the messiest of projects. Our kids adjustable desks are designed to grow with your child, and if you ever decide they need more space, the frame will adjust widthwise to accommodate larger desktop surfaces.

Are kids adjustable desks safe for smaller children?

  • Yes, our height adjustable kids desks are designed with your child’s safety in mind. With our programmable memory handset, you can set a maximum and minimum height to control the range of motion. You can also preset 4 specific heights for the desk so your child can easily move it to their preferred height with the press of a button, you can also lock the desk if you prefer to supervise your child while they use it.

Is there a size limit for standing desks for kids?

  • There is no size limit for an adjustable children’s desk. If you have a small child, we recommend our 3-stage low frame so that the height range goes low enough for them to approach the desk sitting and standing. One great thing about our kids adjustable desks is that they’re designed to be fully adjustable, with a frame that expands and contracts widthwise to accommodate larger desktops. This is a great feature, because you can start with a smaller desk while your child is younger, and then upgrade to a larger desktop when they get a bit older.

Are ergonomic kids desks better?

  • We’ve done the research and fully believe that when kids move while learning, they do better in school. The best children’s desks will support your child’s unique way of learning. Whether they like to stand, perch, or sit low on the floor while they do their work, our height adjustable kids desks will support them in any way they need it. When they’re ready for a break, they can wiggle, stretch, jump, and play simply by adjusting the height of their desk.

Are kids standing desks easy to use?

  • Our kids adjustable desks are very easy to use. Our simple up-down handset has two buttons, one to raise the desk and one to lower the desk. If you want more control over how your child interacts with the desk, we have a programmable memory handset that allows you to set 4 pre-programmed heights for your child to use for different activities at their ergonomic kids desk.