Jarvis Adjustable Desks

Having spent years designing and redesigning, obsessively adjusting each detail, carefully sourcing each part, we’re incredibly proud that the Jarvis is the adjustable height desk of choice for hundreds of thousands of happy customers.

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  1. fully jarvis frame only black

    Jarvis Frame Only

    BYOD: Bring your own desktop
    Starts at $399.00
  2. fully jarvis L shaped frame only black

    Jarvis L-Shaped - Frame Only

    The DIY L-Shaped Standing Desk
    Starts at $849.00
  3. fully jarvis crank powered standing desk frame only black Jarvis Crank-Powered Frame Only

    Jarvis Crank-Powered Frame Only

    Our award-winning Jarvis frame, unplugged
    Starts at $319.00