Jarvis Standing Desks

Movement is the key to a healthy and productive workflow

We’ve spent years perfecting our Jarvis standing desk to make it the most stable, customizable, premium stand up desk you can buy. Design your own to match your unique style, space, and budget.

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  1. Jarvis limited edition frame opitonsJarvis limited edition frame opitons
  2. fully jarvis frame only black Jarvis Frame Only

    Jarvis Frame Only

    BYOD: Bring your own desktop
    Starts at $479.00
  3. fully jarvis L shaped frame only black

    Jarvis L-Shaped - Frame Only

    The DIY L-Shaped Standing Desk
    Starts at $849.00
  4. fully jarvis crank powered standing desk frame only black Jarvis Crank-Powered Frame Only

    Jarvis Crank-Powered Frame Only

    Our award-winning Jarvis frame, unplugged
    Starts at $329.00
home office with jarvis albright standing desk white framehome office with jarvis albright standing desk white frame

    A desk to bring out your best

    Whether your space is small, or the sky’s the limit, we can help you find your way to healthier working. Explore our options and discover which desk matches your style, space, and budget.