Monitor Arms, For Your Health

Jen MacKaben | July 28, 2016
A Fully Jarvis desk with a monitor arm and laptop tray against bamboo backgroundA Fully Jarvis desk with a monitor arm and laptop tray against bamboo background

We raise our glasses when making a toast, we raise the roof (even in 2016), and we raise our hands to answer questions (I've been conditioned, what can I say). So, why aren't we raising our monitors and laptop screens for better posture and productivity?

I get it, you already have a standing desk, which was designed to adjust your workstation up or down to a comfortable typing level with ease. But, what some may consider an afterthought or may not think about at all is the importance of the placement of any and all screens your eyes fixate on while working (or leisuring, or whatever you do at that nifty standing desk). Screen placement, my friends, determines your posture.

So, if you want to prevent straining your neck and eyeballs or alleviate existing pain, you gotta hear me out. Working without a monitor arm means you have to adjust your body to accommodate your screen's fixed position. That usually translates to hunched shoulders, strained eyes, and craned necks, which may cause back pain, severe headaches and possible hernias. But I'm here to assure you that technology use does not have to come with a cost!

Three seperate images of details of monitor arms Three seperate images of details of monitor arms


Ideally, your monitor or laptop should be at about arm's length, with the top of the screen at the same height as your eyes and angled slightly away from you. So, prop up those screens on monitor arms. What's great about these gifts from above is how freakin' versatile they are. They are tools designed to work for you and your body's needs; move 'em up, down, towards ya, away from ya, and adjust the tilt and rotation angle any which way you'd like.

An added bonus to healthy monitor arm use is increased productivity. When you're comfortable, and, trust me, you feel the increase in comfort, it's easier to focus on the job. Also, users testify to benefiting from less clutter; your screens are raised and, incidentally, you have more desk space for organizing your paper trail, that awesome pen collection and your thoughts.

So, let's raise our monitors to proper posture and increased productivity.


Jen M.