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Jarvis L Frame - White - Memory Programmable Handset

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Ships in late November.


Jarvis Frames ship from our warehouse in 1 - 2 business days.

Jarvis3: The L-shaped Jarvis is Here

Jarvis just got even more flexible—is there nothing it can't do?!

The newest member of the Jarvis family is this handsome, 3-legged dynamo. Jarvis3 has many of the same features as his little cousins, but with a few major differences. For one thing, Jarvis3 is even stronger: with the addition of a third leg, this adjustable desk can lift up to 535 lbs, without compromising that debonnaire Jarvis style.

What makes Jarvis3 the best L desk?

  • Width-adjustable frame: telescoping upper and lower crossbeams make both extensions of the frame adjustable. You get a range of 45" to 72" one way and 55" to 78" the other. That means you can use the same frame for L-tops up to 86" x 86"
  • Super strong: with a motor in each leg, Jarvis3 lifts up to 535 lbs.
  • Extra sturdy: upper supports and lower crossbars ensure that all three legs of Jarvis3 are as solid as the proverbial rock.
  • It's a Jarvis!

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Jarvis3 Assembly:

Frame Specs:

  • Industry-leading warranty: 7 years on all frame, mechanical, and electrical components
  • 535 lb lifting capacity
  • Height adjustable from 24.5” to 50” (with top)
  • Adjustment speed of 1.5" per second with soft start/stop
  • Adjustable leveling feet for uneven flooring (0.25” adjustment)


  • Voltage: Input: 110 V / Output: 31 V
  • Transformer power: 200 W (0.2 W on standby)
  • Power supply current 5 amps
  • Operating noise <50dB (without top)

Frame Shipping Dimensions:

Jarvis3 frames ship via FedEx Ground from Portland, OR.
Box 1:

  • 42" x 10" x 10"
  • Weight: 66 lbs
Box 2:
    • 47" x 14" x 8"
    • Weight: 62 lbs



Optional wire management grommets are situated on the back left and right corners of your desktop. The drilled openings are circular and measure 80mm (approximately 3.15") in diameter. The covers are black plastic, and measure 95mm (3.75") across.


We also offer powered grommets, which are also available in black or white (with black accents). Our powered grommets include one AC outlet and two USB ports, so you can plug in up to 3 devices per grommet. You can upgrade zero, one, or both of your grommets.


Jarvis is available with a standard up / down switch or an upgraded programable memory handset option that auto-darks after 10 seconds.

  • Simple handset: 2.35" wide x 1.15" tall
  • Programmable Memory handset: 5.7" wide x 1.25" tall


We have put together a convenient bundle of some of the most popular cable management tools ready to ship out with your Jarvis frame.

  • Kensington Guardian Power Strip with 15ft cable (qty 1)
  • Two Wiretamer cable trays. Black and white frames receive black Wiretamers and gray frames receive gray Wiretamers
  • Adhesive cable mounts (qty 10)
  • Zip ties (qty 20)

The 15' Kensington power strip features six convenient outlets while providing enough cable for your desk to move up and down; no need to worry about the reach of cables when raising the desk to standing height. Use the zip ties to keep everything organized.


J2 by Ergo Depot is a fully-functional, great looking, affordable gas-activated monitor arm. The ease-of-use is unparalleled by others in J2's class. An articulating monitor arm is a great addition to any ergonomic workspace, including both height-adjustable and fixed-height desks. J2 accommodates most VESA compliant monitors.

J2 is available with one (single) or two (dual) arms with optional laptop tray, and comes in black or gray, matching your Jarvis frame. For white frames, please specify color preference in order comments.


Keep your CPU stable and accessible while freeing up valuable floorspace. Choose between Ergo Depot's Buddy CPU holder, and the larger Ergo Depot CPU Holder.

The Buddy features simple spring-loaded height and width adjustments to hug your CPU tight.

  • Fits CPUs 2.25"-4.75" wide and 9"-16.25" tall
  • 10" glide track
  • Weight capacity: up to 22 lbs
  • 360° swivel

The Ergo Depot CPU Holder features a sturdy steel build, and adjusts to the height and width of your CPU.

  • Steel body
  • Minimum mounting surface of 5.5" x 8.7" (140 x 230mm)
  • Minimum mounting surface thickness of .8" (20mm)
  • 3-piece assembly, with set screw


  • 360° swivel
  • Constructed of sturdy black plastic
  • Stores completely under worksurface
  • Dimensions: 10 x 14.5 x 1.5


The Sidekick is the perfect companion for your adjustable desk, and it's even painted to match the Jarvis frame. This unassuming set of drawers fits easily into a corner or underneath your desk, and provides valuable organization.

  • Sturdy aluminum build in Jarvis black, gray, or white
  • Single mechanism locks all three, smooth pull drawers
  • 1 pencil drawer w/ pencil tray insert
  • 1 box drawer
  • 1 file drawer fits standard letter size hanging folders
  • Hard nylon rolling casters, with fifth caster at front of bottom drawer prevents tipping
  • Dimensions: height 23.6" x width 15.4" x depth 21.7"


Now available at a special discounted price when paired with Jarvis.

The Capisco Puls is a rare combination of beauty, comfort, and healthy sitting. What's more, the Puls was designed specifically for a height adjustable desk. The tall lift (standard with the Jarvis promotion) allows the user to sit at a taller height, and the saddle seat encourages a healthy, open hip angle. The combination is the ideal match for Jarvis.

HAG Puls Promotion Features

  • Puls promotion includes tall (265mm) pneumatic lift, perfect for sit-stand desks
  • Pneumatic lift offers 10" of height adjustment
  • Array of ergonomic adjustments including seat height, seat depth, backward tilt tension, and tilt lock
  • Incredibly comfortable saddle seat encourages healthy sitting
  • Optional fully upholstered Nexus seat provides additional padding
  • Inspiring colors


Available at a special price with your Jarvis desk, the Topo Mat is a renaissance of the anti-fatigue mat concept. A multi-faceted surface mimics the variation in natural terrain, giving your calves and ankles the healthy range of motion they might find on a leisurely forest stroll. We're not saying you should never leave your desk (in fact, we're fans of a midday meander), but while we're standing, let's not stand still!

Topo is available in 5 colors:

  • Black
  • Denim blue
  • Altostratus gray
  • Mulberry Purple
  • Evergreen


Brighten up your workspace (and charge your *generic mp3 player*) with this super-adjustable, low-profile lamp with built-in usb port.

  • Premium aluminum alloy casing with high-efficiency cooling properties
  • Rotating arm and lamp head
  • Touch control for 5 light temperatures and 7 levels of brightness
  • Pleasant non-flickering illumination
  • USB charging port

The thing is, no matter what chair you're in, the human body was meant to move; we crave it.

And no, sitting probably won't actually kill you. But if you do want to stand, we can help. And if you want to sit, we can make sure you're doing it right. That’s our thing: we've got your back.

Jarvis is a sit-stand desk, the single best tool in your arsenal against static working. With the push of a button, Jarvis quickly and stably moves between sitting and standing heights, plus everything in between. This freedom to move throughout the day is revolutionary, and Jarvis is leading the charge.