The Hustle office gets a Fully makeover

November 17, 2019  |   Jen MacKaben

Fully has helped The Hustle make their office a more energetic environmentFully has helped The Hustle make their office a more energetic environment

Like a million other people, we start every day feeling a little smarter thanks to their witty, bite-sized take on the day’s news.

The Hustle has made email cool again.

So imagine our surprise when we discovered the team behind The Hustle was leading an email renaissance form an office that left them feeling sore, crowded and depleted.

 "Honestly, it felt more like a dorm room than an office."

– Cayla Sher, Account Mangager

 The Hustle had a classic problem. Adam Ryan, Hustle’s President, had grown his team so fast since launching daily emails in 2016, they’d moved offices three times in only three years just to keep up. They were always outgrowing their space just as they’d settled in, keeping them in constant office start up mode.

Their latest move landed them in a bike shop-turned-cafe-turned-office space. In true Hustle fashion, they moved as fast as possible so they could get back to work without missing a beat.

That meant they moved the whole office in just one weekend. They kept all their outdated, falling-apart furniture, complete with cinder-block monitor stands. And then their office just....stayed that way.

Ringing a gong on a Floatdeck Balance Board by FullyRinging a gong on a Floatdeck Balance Board by Fully
Meetings are more fun at The Hustle sitting on a Capisco Puls ChairMeetings are more fun at The Hustle sitting on a Capisco Puls Chair

“It was easy to just feel.... stuck. Lethargic. Cramped. Stiff. Ultimately, it became distracting."

— Becca Sherman, General Manager 

We couldn’t sit by and let this awesome team work from a thrown together workspace anymore. After all, they’d helped us get people excited about healthy sitting and movement at work; the least we could do was help them transform their space to fuel their creativity, infuse more energy, and take The Hustle to a whole new level. But first, we needed to really get to know them and how they work.

When Bob Seger is your unofficial mascot

This group shows up everyday with a come-as-you-are attitude and lightning-paced, get-sh*t-done work ethic. They’re unapologetically themselves, welcoming everyone’s opinions and sense of humor.

They hold sacred the kitchen table where they gather to feast and think. Their ancient gong gets a solid smack when a sale is closed (always a point of pride for Adam, who bought this $2,000 beauty for just $100 off Craigslist from a disgruntled bride).

You’ll find a Bob Seger cardboard cutout in a place of honor, a tribute to the early days of The Hustle, when, on a tipsy night of working late, a Seger song started playing and inspired proclamations of “Holy sh*t, Bob Seger is amazing. We love Bob Seger.”

“Bob just kinda snowballed his way into The Hustle Team’s hearts,” Becca said.


Working while standing at a Jarvis Bamboo standing deskWorking while standing at a Jarvis Bamboo standing desk

They struggled to find the right layout in this unconventional space on their own, thanks in part to the office’s L-shape, three entrances, and long, curved half-pipe-of-a-wall with a built-in bench that added dynamic character, but didn’t allow for anything to be placed against it.

They were hungry for some privacy in their open office, but didn’t want to sacrifice the ability to collaborate and goof off together.

Fully active workspaces at The Hustle's officeFully active workspaces at The Hustle's office

From Start Up to Grown Up(ish)

Fully’s design team worked with the design constraints of the space rather than against them, knowing this team needed to feel more alive and connected without feeling crowded.

Collaborative team work: Benching systems, active collaboration spaces, adjustable height conference tables—work together better.

Connection spaces: Soft seating, sofas & armchairs, places to unplug, have private conversations—recharge and replenish. 

They created two desk pods with adjustable height Jarvis standing desks to maximize the L-shaped space. To get this crew on their feet and energized, we added Floatdeck Balance Boards (also a fitting homage to the half-pipe wall) and dynamic standing mats.Capisco chairs ensure the team will change positions and keep the movement flowing while sitting.

Acoustic-dampening privacy panels gave folks some much-desired focus while ensuring the right team members could still sit and collaborate next to each other. To save everyone’s necks and shoulders, we also replaced those old cinder blocks in favor of adjustable monitor arms. The beloved kitchen table now has Tic Toc stools providing another playful sitting option to fuel creativity during meetings.

“Now our entire office seems to have more energy and a 'grown-up' feeling. Exactly what we needed at this phase."

— Adam Ryan, President 

Four months later...

Four months later, we checked in. The team is shocked at how much impact their new space has on their mood, energy and on how they feel overall. Katy no longer has to make chiropractor visits. Meg has more energy at the end of the day to chase around her 18-month-old. Austin doesn’t have to lie on the floor anymore just to get a change of scenery.

It’s safe to say The Hustle is now loving their work more than ever.

The Hustle's team is enjoying work more now with their Fully office furnitureThe Hustle's team is enjoying work more now with their Fully office furniture

“We freaking LOVE all of the Fully furniture. I truly can't tell you how much of a game changer it is to go from literal cinder-block laptop stands and falling-apart desks to this Fully setup. It's unreal. Plus, I'm a design nerd, and all of your stuff just looks so damn good — it classed up our weird little Austin office. So. Much."

— Becca Sherman 


“The improved posture from standing at a screen that's eye-level, that sweet-A Floatdeck, and the occasional marching in place at my Jarvis desk keeps me going.”

— Meg Furey-Marquess, Media Strategist


“I now have countless options for whatever mood I'm in. Energetic and crunching? Have a seat and focus. Hungover or tired? Stand up and jump on the balance board!"

— Austin Winter, Sales & Partnerships

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