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Jarvis Assembly

Please note: if you received 8 of the shorter (M6x10) machine screws and 20 of the longer (M6x14) machine screws, don’t panic—try this version of the assembly video instead.

If you received 16 short (M6x10), and 12 long (M6x14), ↓this↓ is the video for you! This video highlights the assembly of a 48" Jarvis Bamboo standing desk. Please note that the 30, 36 and 42" Jarvis models use a different set of assembly instructions.

Jarvis Assembly Video


Jarvis Crank Powered Assembly Video



Jarvis Troubleshooting

  • Reset Procedure

    If your desk is not functioning properly, such as only going down, or if your Memory Preset Handset reads “RST”, perform the reset procedure shown below.

    If there is a difference in height between the two legs that exceeds 1.5", stop the reset procedure and contact Fully.



Motor / Voltage information

Control System

Model: JCB35N2-110

Input: 120V~ 60Hz, Max.270W

Output: DC 24V 4A/Linear actuator

Duty Cycle: 10%, Max.2 min operate/Min.18min stop

Used with Linear Actuator

Indoor use only, Install in type 1 environment

For use in pollution degree 2 environment

Memory Programming

To program up to four presets (on some models): Use the up/down buttons to find a desired height, then press "M" , followed by a number 1-4.