Fully Rocking Footrest

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The human body is designed to be in motion; being still makes us restless. Restlessness can impact your attention span, your productivity, and even your health. Whether you are perching on a Capisco or sitting in a more traditional chair, it's important to keep your feet involved in the process.


Sitting needn't be sedentary

Muscle activity in your lower legs is a key part of healthy bloodflow. It's easy to lose that muscle activity when we are seated. Plus, sitting still is haaard. And boooring.

Keep your legs and feet moving, even when you're sitting down, with this dual use footrest. Functioning either as a gentle rocker, or as a tilted platform, the Fully Footrest will keep you and your feet from getting bored.

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Warning: This is not a balance board! Please do not stand or put your full weight onto this foot rest.