Frequently asked questions

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We are proud to support everyone doing their part to limit the spread of COVID-19 by transitioning to a home office. As a result, our customer support team is receiving four times as many inquiries as normal.  You can reach us via phone at 888-508-3725 or via chat, Monday through Friday, from 8:30am–5pm PST, and via chat on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am-12pm PST. You may also send us a message via our contact us page. In the meantime, we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions from you and answered them below:


COVID-19 and Contacting Fully

How can I contact Fully?
  • Send us a message through the Contact Us page
  • You can also reach out via Chat by clicking the blue chat icon on the bottom right corner of the site. Chat hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:30am - 5pm PST and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 12:00pm
  • Or give us a ring at 888-508-3725, Monday through Friday, from 8:30am - 5pm PST
  • Note: submitting multiple inquiries may result in delayed or duplicated responses. Rest assured, if you’ve sent a message through the Contact Us page or via email, we’ve received it and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

I just emailed and/or left a voicemail,
how long until I hear back?
  • We’re helping an unprecedented number of people transition to remote work because of COVID-19, but you should receive a response within 1-3 business days
  • For voicemails, we’ll return your call in the order it was received

What if I need to set up a team to WFH?
  • Our Commercial Sales team would love to help! Please email Commercial Sales or give us a call at 888-523-2427 to get started or check out more information on the Commercial Sales home page here

Can I get COVID-19 from your products
or their packaging?
  • Our products are shipped in cardboard packaging. Per a study by the National Institute of Health, the virus cannot live on cardboard for more than 24 hours
  • This conclusion was also reached by the World Health Organization (WHO), which stated it is not likely that any virus could be transmitted by receiving a shipment of goods
  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is in alignment with the WHO, stating that the transmission risk via mail and packages is low. “In general, because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures.”
  • The CDC advised that “there is no need to disinfect mail or packages; however, you should wash your hands after handling

Placing orders

How can I place an order?
  • The website is typically the fastest and easiest way to place an order
  • If you need assistance, we’re happy to help via phone or chat! Send us a message and we can arrange a time talk through any questions

What if I forgot my password?

How do I know if my order is in stock?
  • For standalone, non-configurable products, a backorder notice will appear under the product description
  • For configurable products, like our Jarvis Standing Desk and Remi Standing Desk, some options may be in stock while others are on backorder. If you select a configuration that’s on backorder, we’ll display a notice along with the estimated ship date so you’ll know what to expect.
  • When configuring your Jarvis using the “Design your own” feature, the backorder notice appears on the bottom of the panel on the right side of the screen as soon as you select the product or configuration that’s out of stock
  • If an option appears greyed out or cannot be selected, that may mean it’s discontinued or out of stock for the foreseeable future

Can I change or cancel my order?
  • In an effort to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, the window for making changes (including cancellation) is very small
  • If you need to make a change, please reach out through our Contact Us page and select ‘Order Change’ and we’ll do our best to accommodate.
  • Once an order is shipped, it is not possible to make changes or cancel the order. But you can initiate a return via our Returns page.

Are you offering any discounts?
  • Yes! If you’re a new customer, you can sign up for our Newsletter for a 5% discount on your first order. Sign up for our Newsletter here
  • We’ll let you know of any other promotional discounts through the newsletter or website

How do I use a coupon or promo code?
  • Add your items to the cart, then select ‘View Cart’
  • Select ‘I have a promo code'
  • Enter the promo code and hit ‘Apply’
  • The updated pricing will be reflected in the total
  • If you are trying to redeem a code affiliated with your employer, first create an account using your company email, otherwise the code may not apply

My organization is tax exempt. How do I place an order with the exemption?
  • So we can verify your status, please create an account and email us a copy of your sales tax exemption certificate with all relevant fields completed.Once approved, all future, eligible orders placed on the account you created will be sales tax free.
  • If you need our address to complete your form it’s:
    Fully, Inc.
    117 SE Taylor St., Ste. 301
    Portland, OR 97219
Can I send you a purchase order?
  • Glad you asked! Purchase orders may be accepted following a credit review; however, we encourage the use of a credit card or ACH direct debit whenever possible
  • If you’re purchasing for your organization, our Commercial Sales team would love to help you find balance and flow in your work through our beautifully designed, healthful products
  • Please reach out by calling 888-523-2427 or via email to learn more

What do I need to include with my purchase order?
  • A contact person, phone number, and e-mail address for shipping questions
  • Your shipping address
  • Your billing address
  • The e-mail address of your Accounts Payable department, so that we know where to send your invoice
  • Our company’s full name and address
  • The quantity and full configurations of the items that you want to order
  • Your order total and your payment terms (our standard terms are Net 30)
  • If your PO is based on a quote that we sent you, please include the quote number on the PO for faster processing

What if I need a copy of my receipt/invoice?
  • Email and we will be happy to send you a copy of your order confirmation, receipt or invoice

Shipping questions

Where will my order ship from?
  • Items fulfilled by Fully:
    • Your order will ship from either Nottingham, MD, or Portland, OR, via FedEx Ground, Home Delivery, or Freight
  • Items fulfilled by third-party vendors:
    • These items will be drop-shipped from the vendor location, but tracking information will be provided in the same manner as items fulfilled by Fully
  • Check the ‘Specifications’ on the product page to view an item’s shipping time frame and/or it’s fulfillment origin

When can I expect to receive my order?
  • In-stock items typically ship within 1-3 business days
  • Once shipped, your order should arrive within 1-3 business days
  • More on shipping timeframes can be found on the Order Status page

When will my order ship if it includes both in-stock items and back-ordered items?
  • In-stock items ship in 1-3 business days, and backordered items ship separately once they are back in-stock. This means you may receive your order in multiple batches.

Is expedited shipping available?
  • Expedited shipping is not currently available. However, we ship your items from the fulfillment center closest to you whenever possible to minimize the delivery timeframe

Why do some orders come via freight shipping?
  • Many of our popular products, including the Jarvis desks, will ship via FedEx Ground or Home Delivery, but larger orders with multiple quantities of items may ship freight
  • The following items always ship via freight carrier:
    • LifeSpan treadmills
    • Focal Confluence Table
    • Rocket Mission (Jarvis Hardwood, Albright and Evolve) desktops
  • For additional delivery services, such as an inside delivery or an installation, please contact our commercial sales team

What do I need to do if
my order is shipped via freight?
  • We’ll send a confirmation email with tracking information once your order ships
  • After you receive your tracking number(s), you can reach out to your freight company to schedule your delivery. Freight shipments arrive as scheduled, curbside deliveries, and an adult must to be present to:
    • Inspect and sign for your delivery
    • Note any shortage or damage on the driver’s paperwork at the time you sign
    • Bring the boxes inside the building

What if I need to delay delivery of my order after it has shipped?
  • We are unable to hold orders after they ship, but if you sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager, you can have FedEx hold your delivery for up to 14 days, set specific delivery instructions, and request packages be picked up at your local FedEx office.

Do you ship to my country?
  • Items available for purchase on can be shipped anywhere in the contiguous U.S
  • Most items can be shipped to Canada, but some restrictions apply. Please check the product page to ensure the item can be shipped to your location
  • If you’re planning to ship to Europe or the UK, check out the EU Shipping Information homepage here for a full list of countries
  • If you’re interested in shipping to a country that is not listed, our other international clients have worked with freight forwarders who can provide a U.S. shipping address and forwarding services
  • For your convenience, we have provided shipping weights and dimensions on all of our product website pages under the Specifications tab

Is my return shipping free?
  • Return shipping is always free for customers within the contiguous U.S.!
  • See our Returns page for more information and for information about international returns.

Assembly questions

How much assembly is required?
  • We designed our products and packaging with ease of assembly in mind!
  • Our ‘How to Jarvis’ page has assembly videos along with instructions so that you can plan accordingly
  • To get an idea of the assembly involved in one of our products, check out the Assembly home page here where you’ll find PDF versions of our guides

How do I mount a top to a Jarvis or Remi desk frame?

How do I adjust my Jarvis monitor arm?
  • Check out our Jarvis Monitor Arm adjustment video here

Where can I find the screws to my Jarvis Desk?
  • Before you begin the assembly, make sure you’ve located both hardware packets
  • Your frame screws can be found in Jarvis Frame Box 2, and the desktop screws can be found in the desktop box
  • Here’s a breakdown of the hardware included with your Jarvis desk:
    • The 8 small (M6x10, hex) and 12 medium machine screws (M6x14, hex) are used in Steps 2 and 10 of the assembly guide
    • The desktop machine screws are used in Steps 4 and 6 to attach the frame to the desktop
    • The laminate/hardwood desktop screws are #10-24x5/8" (Phillips head)
    • The bamboo desktop screws are M6x14 (Phillips head)
  • The desktop screws are in a red bag. Replacement screws, if necessary, will be sent in a blue bag. The desktop screws should be taped to the inside of the desktop box, or may be loose inside the packaging. Check the inside of the box and packaging thoroughly if you don’t see them right away
  • If you still can’t locate all your hardware, please reach out through our Contact Us page and we’ll gladly send replacements! If you’d prefer to pick them up locally using the specifications listed above, we’ll issue a reimbursement for the out of pocket cost

How do I operate the handset
that comes with my desk?
  • The assembly guide for your specific model desk includes a user guide for your handset
  • For Jarvis Standing Desk user’s guide, check out the How To Jarvis page here
  • For the Remi Standing Desk user’s guide, please refer to the Instructions

Where can I find the screws to my Remi Desk?
  • The Remi frame includes small and medium machine screws for the frame assembly, and wood screws to attach the desktop
  • Your hardware packet may be taped to the inside of the box or may be loose inside the packaging

Do Jarvis or Remi desk tops come
with predrilled holes?
  • The Jarvis includes pre-drilled holes with metal inserts. Please use a manual screwdriver to attach the desktop as a power drill may strip the inserts or damage the desktop machine screws
  • Pilot holes for wood screws are provided for the handset assembly
  • Remi desktops come with pre-drilled holes without metal inserts. You’ll use wood screws to attach the desktop to the frame and the handset to the desktop
  • Accessories for both the Jarvis and Remi desks are attached using wood screws; neither desk model will have pre-drilled holes for accessories

How do I disassemble my Capisco
if I want to return it?

Product questions

Which desk should I pick?
  • We know you have many choices in standing desks and have prepared a Standing Desk Buying Guide to help you determine which one is best for you!

Which keyboard tray goes with
a Jarvis or Remi desk?

Which chair is best for my
specific medical condition?
  • Your doctor is your best resource for your specific medical condition. Tell your doctor about our website and talk about the different options available
  • While we’re unable to give medical advice or offer treatment recommendations, we’ll gladly share our experience and do our best to answer your questions about our products

How much weight do your monitor arms hold?
  • It depends on the monitor arm. Check the Specifications tab on the product page for the arm’s specific weight capacity

Where can I see products in person?
  • We’ve temporarily closed our showrooms as a precautionary measure to help protect our team and the community from COVID-19, but still here for you! Please feel free to reach out through our Contact Us page and we’ll gladly answer your questions about any of our products page

How do the desks adjust from sitting to standing?
  • Most Fully desks are electronically controlled with a push of a button; however we offer two non-electric height adjustable desks
    • Electronically adjustable:
      • Remi: Electric, push-button adjustment
      • Jarvis: Electric, push-button adjustment
    • Manually Adjustable:
      • Jarvis crank-powered: Hand crank adjustment
      • Jaswig: Manual lift, slip and lock adjustment

Can I use my own desk top?
  • Send us a picture when you’re all set up and we’ll send out a Tweet and everyone on the internet will be jealous of your awesome custom setup

  • What size custom desk tops
    go best with Jarvis frames?
    • Narrow frames can hold desk tops between 29.5 - 47” wide and 24 - 27" deep
    • Wide frames can hold desk tops between 44.5 - 82” wide and 27 - 36” deep

    Can I get an upholstery or desktop sample?
    • Our Showroom’s sample request program is temporarily on hold as a precautionary measure against COVID-19
    • In the meantime, we’re happy to answer product related questions and provide more detailed product images

    How do I clean my desk?

    Bamboo Tops

    • For light scratches, treat with Old English Oil
      • Mix two parts Old English Scratch Cover for Light Woods and one part  Old English Oil
      • Rub this mixture into the scratch using a microfiber cloth and let it sit for a while
      • Rub off the excess and repeat as necessary.
    Laminate Tops
    • Avoid harsh cleaners, steel wool and abrasive detergents
    • Clean with a solution of liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water
    • Dry with a clean, non-abrasive cloth
    Whiteboard Tops
    • These can be cleaned like any other white board with a white board specific cleaner such as Expo Dry Erase Surface Cleaner
    • We recommend Expo markers and erasers

    Do you have downloadable furniture symbols such as .SKP and .RFA digital files available for design and space planning purposes?
    • Looking for 3D product models to help design your customized space? Downloadable furniture symbols for architecture, design and space planning needs can be accessed in our Resource Library.
    • Don’t see the product or type of file that you’re looking for? Email for assistance.

    Which Jarvis Frame Height is Right for Me?
    • We are happy to offer three different Jarvis frame height options to match your unique working style, whether you prefer to stand at your full height, float on a standing board, perch on a stool, sit high or sit low.
    • While designing your desk, you’ll be able to specify your frame height range to fit your needs:
        • 2-Stage: Ranging from 29” to 48.3” without a desktop. Works for most people 5’10” to 6’9”. This option will be pre-selected when you first begin configuring your desk.
        • 3-Stage: Ranging from 24.5” to 50” without a desktop. Works for most people 5’4” to 7. This is our most popular frame option and fits the widest range of user heights.
        • 3-Stage Low: Ranging from 21.9” to 42.2” without a desktop. Works for most people 4’9” to 5’11”. If you’re shopping for a child’s desk, we recommend this option.
    • Please note, these measurements do not include a desktop. Our desktops vary in thickness and you can find specific measurements that factor in the desktop within the Design My Own section of our Jarvis desk pages.
    • In addition to considering the user-height guidelines above, we also recommend measuring your seating and standing positions to find the best frame option for you.
    • How to measure your seated and standing height
        • For seated height: Sit in your favorite chair and measure from a 90 degree bent elbow to the floor
        • For standing height: Stand with a 90 degree bent elbow and measure from elbow to floor. When selecting your frame height, keep in mind that shoes, standing mats and balance boards add to user height when in use and that Jarvis Casters add about 2” to the desk’s minimum and maximum heights.
    • Choosing the right height range for your new desk is an important decision. If you have any remaining questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


    Is there a warranty on the desks you sell?
    • Of course! Jarvis desks are covered by an all-inclusive 10 year warranty on all frame components, including motors and electronics
    • There is a 5 year warranty on desktop surfaces, excluding normal wear and tear, and damage caused by improper assembly, disassembly or repair


    How do I reset my Jarvis or Remi desk?
    • See an error code on your Jarvis or Remi handset, or need to reset your desk? See our troubleshooting guide here
    • Please note, the Jarvis and Remi handset follow the same reset instructions

    How do I lock/unlock my Jarvis or Remi desk?
    • For Remi and Jarvis desks with button-style programmable handsets
      • To lock: Press and hold the M button for about 5-8 seconds. The display will first change to S -, then to LOC, indicating that the desk is now locked
      • To unlock: Press and hold the M button for about 5 seconds until LOC goes away and the height appears on the display
    • Jarvis
      • Refer to the Assembly and User guides for your specific desk here

    Payment and Financing

    In which currency will I be charged?
    • All prices on are in USD. Please use a currency converter or reach out to your card issuer for more information if your billing address is outside the U.S.

    What payment methods do you accept?
    • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Affirm

    Do you offer financing?
    • We offer financing options (powered by Affirm) with no money down and 10%-30% APR and 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments. It’s quick and easy: just select Affirm at checkout.
    • Pay your monthly bill using a bank transfer, check or debit card at

    If I pay with Affirm can I still return my order?
    • Absolutely. Please note that orders that use Affirm as the payment method may be subject to interest that is non-refundable.

    Can anyone use Affirm?
    • To use the Services, you must be at least 18 years old (19 years old in Alabama or if you're a ward of the state in Nebraska) and a resident of the United States or its territories
    • Residents of Iowa and West Virginia are not eligible for the "Buy with Affirm" service. You represent and warrant that you are eligible to use the Services.

    What if I don't qualify for the whole order amount?
    • If you want to place an order but don't qualify for the full amount, you can pay the difference through Affirm

    Is there an order minimum to use Affirm?
    • Yes, orders must total at least $200

    Open-Box Program

    What is the Open-Box program?

      Click here for more information