Remi Laminate Standing Desk

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- Made from HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and pre-consumer recycled wood fiber

- 113 kg lifting capacity with dual motors

- 15 year warranty on all desk frame components and a 5 year warranty on desktop surfaces


Remi cannot be shipped to Italy and Denmark.

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The best low-cost stand up desk on the planet

Ever since Jarvis came along and set a new benchmark for standing desks, a lot of inferior imitations have appeared. Many of them, unsurprisingly, have had price points lower than Jarvis. We took this as a challenge: could we create a standing desk that’s more accessible to budget-conscious customers without sacrificing quality? The answer, it turned out, was yes. And the result was Remi.

One thing we knew from the start: we refused to reduce the desk to a single motor. Just like Jarvis, each lifting column on Remi has its own dedicated motor which is key to providing a powerful, smooth, and stable lift when adjusting your desk height.

With a clean design and functionality as simple as it gets, Remi fits right into the flow of any office, home, or dorm room. It’s a desk that enables you to sit, stand, lean, and stretch throughout the day, keeping you moving, engaged, and loving how you feel while you work.

Remi is topped with our tough yet beautiful laminate desk tops, available in a black or white finish. From top to frame, we've streamlined assembly to make it possible for you to have your desk up and running in fifteen minutes.

fully a better workspace start with your deskfully a better workspace start with your desk

A better workspace: Start with your desk

If you want a space where you can feel good in your body and do your best work, the most valuable thing you can do is begin by investing in an adjustable-height desk.

Create a workspace unique to you

Learn more about the products you can bundle with your desk. From wire management and monitor arms to chairs and standing mats, complete your Remi standing desk with some of our favourite workspace accessories.

Wire Management Grommets

Wire management grommets are situated on the back left and right corners of your desktop. The drilled openings are circular and measure 80 mm in diameter. The covers measure 95 mm across.

Power Upgrade

We also offer powered grommets, which are also available in black or white. Our powered grommets include one AC outlet and one USB-A port, so you can plug in up to 2 devices per grommet. You have the option to upgrade one or both of your grommets, or not at all.

For easy desktop access to extra outlets and ports, try our Clamp-Mounted Power Strip. Fully compatible with 2 outlets and one USB-A charging port, this convenient little power source is designed to give you all the power you need without having to crawl under your desk or add grommet holes to your desktop.

fully grommet cover power grommet cover and clamp-mounted surge protectorfully grommet cover power grommet cover and clamp-mounted surge protector
fully capisco and capisco puls by hag with regeneration chairfully capisco and capisco puls by hag with regeneration chair

Find a chair that moves you

Evolved ergonomic desk chairs were intelligently engineered to encourage natural movement with a more traditional look.

Capisco Chair - Completely cushioned and upholstered seat and back.

Capisco Puls - Firm, molded plastic seat with tailbone cushioning or edge-to-edge seat cushion for a slightly more plush feeling ; Narrower than the classic Capisco.

Fully Desk Chair - A fully adjustable, entirely comfortable office chair designed to support you in a range of seating positions.

ReGeneration Chair - A traditional task chair leveraging sustainable, flexible materials that respond to your movements, provides comfort and gives you the freedom change sitting positions.

Designed for supported standing

Supported-standing chairs put you in a leaning position relieves lower back pain caused by sitting on your tailbone and gives the right amount of support to activate your body’s natural ability to find balance.

Luna - The charming and affordable Luna stool brings healthy alignment, support, and motion to your adjustable-height desk.

ILOA - A true saddle chair, opens angle of hips to encourage your spine into a natural curve.

fully luna and iloafully luna and iloa
fully stand mat with topo mat and muvmatfully stand mat with topo mat and muvmat

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat

With peaks and valleys that mimic variation in natural terrain, Topo gives your calves and ankles the healthy range of motion they might find on a leisurely stroll. We recommend a Topo Mini if ordering a Jarvis frame that will go narrower than 120 cm.

  • Topo: 75 cm wide x 67 cm deep
  • Topo Mini: 64 cm wide x 49 cm deep

Fully Stand Mat

A simple black standing mat, but far from simple. The supportive foam design will help anyone stand comfortably throughout the day.

  • 76 cm wide x 46 cm deep

Muvmat by aeris

Add a foot massage to your standing desk experience. Specially engineered with hidden contours that simulate the rocks, roots, and fallen branches you would encounter when walking on a forest floor, this unique anti-fatigue standing mat keeps your feet happy and body energized while standing.

  • 91 cm wide x 48 cm deep
fully tic-toc balance board and floatdeck balance boardfully tic-toc balance board and floatdeck balance board

Balance Boards

Tic Toc Stand

Developed around the principles that movement is healthy, Tic Toc Stand is designed not so much to make you move, as to move with you when you naturally shift your weight side to side—or front to back, if you want to mix things up.

  • 45 cm wide x 29 cm deep

Floatdeck Balance Board

Crafted for effortless, intuitive motion, Floatdeck keeps your joints loose and body aligned, while subtly strengthening your stabilizing muscles (core, hips, knees) during long periods of standing.

  • 75 cm wide x 31 cm deep

Wire Management Kit

We have put together a convenient Wire Management Kit, a bundle of some of the most popular cable management tools, ready to ship out with your Jarvis frame.

Wire Management Kit

  • Two (2) WireTamer cable trays. Colour: black or white
  • One (1) power strip— Colour: black
  • Ten (10) Adhesive cable mounts
  • Twenty (20) Zip ties

Cable Management Solution Kit

  • One (1) WireTamer cable trays.
  • One (1) power strip with outlet type depending on country choice on the product page— Colour: black
  • Tray brackets (qty 2) and cable clips (qty 6)
  • Wood screws (qty 4)

Our WireTamers are low-profile, sturdy to thread your monitor and other cables while keeping things tidy. Use the zip ties to keep everything at the same level.

Please note that you will need a power drill to mount these accessories to your Jarvis desk.

fully wire management kit gray wiretamer mounted on jarvis fully wire management kit gray wiretamer mounted on jarvis
  • 15 year warranty on all desk frame components, mechanical parts, motors, and electrical components.

  • 5 year warranty on desktop surfaces, excluding normal wear and tear, and damage caused by improper assembly, disassembly or repair.

Details and dimensions
  • Our laminate desk tops are made from HPL (High Pressure Laminate) with a particle board consisting of a minimum of 100% pre-consumer recycled wood fiber. Both processes take place in facilities that are FSC certified and meet the voluntary Eco-Certified Composite Standard.

Shipping dimensions
Top Size  Length Width Height Weight
100 x 80 cm

110 cm

90 cm

8 cm

14 kg

120 x 80 cm

130 cm

90 cm

8 cm

16 kg

140 x 80 cm

150 cm

90 cm

8 cm

18.5 kg

160 x 80 cm

170 cm

90 cm

8 cm

20.5 kg


Shipping details
  • Remi Laminate Standing Desk Top ships from Belgium. You can find more info about shipping here.
Metric dimensions of the jarvis mid range frame for bamboo adjustable standing deskMetric dimensions of the jarvis mid range frame for bamboo adjustable standing desk
Remi frame details
  • Frame material: powdercoated steel

  • Frame width: 91.4 cm – 162.6 cm

  • Adjustable height:

    • Without top: from 66.7 cm – 116.2 cm

    • With top from: 69.2 cm – 118.7 cm

  • Max weight capacity: 113 kg

  • Operating noise less than 53dB

  • Adjustment speed of 2.7 cm per second with soft start/stop

Shipping dimensions
Frame box Length Width Height Weight
Box 1

80 cm

28.5 cm

22 cm

15.5 kg

 Box 2

100 cm

60 cm

11 cm

16.5 kg

Shipping details
  • The Remi Standing Desk Frame ships in 2 separate boxes from Belgium. You can find more info about shipping here.