Muvmat by aeris

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An anti-fatigue surface with peaks and valleys that stimulate the feet and encourage the subtle movement your body needs to stay energised.

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Anti-fatigue mat meets foot massager.

When walking through the forest, there’s a new surprise that comes with every step—a sensation that starts in your feet and works its way up through your body, bringing with it a feeling of wholeness, presence, and connection.

Though you might not guess it from its understated design, the Muvmat was specifically engineered to mimic that experience, with hidden contours that simulate the rocks, roots, and fallen branches you would encounter when walking on a forest floor.

Great with shoes and even better without, Muvmat’s anti-fatigue surface reduces the strain and ache of standing for long periods by stimulating the feet and encouraging the subtle movements your body needs to stay comfortable, balanced, and energized.

With its special water-resistant coating, Muvmat is easy to clean and care for.


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  • 7 years warranty

Details and dimensions 
  • Product weight: 2,5 kg

  • Product dimensions: 91 x 48 cm

  • Thickness: 3,5 cm

  • Beveled edging and non-slip pads make Muvmat safe

  • EPP (expanded polypropylene) and flexible PU integral foam

  • Topographic 3D inner structure that resembles low mountains and valleys

Shipping dimensions
Muvmat by aeris

 93 cm

49 cm

4 cm

3,5 kg

Shipping details
  • Muvmat ships from Belgium. You can find more info about shipping here.

Two zones, an abundance of benefits.

Muvmat is made up of two intelligently designed zones, working in harmony to create a comfortable and dynamic standing experience.

On the surface is Muvmat’s "comfort zone," made of a cushioning, anti-fatigue foam your feet will love—and your entire body will appreciate during long days of standing.

Inside Muvmat is where you’ll find the great outdoors—an "active zone" of topographic peaks and valleys that activate your feet’s sensory system, engage your muscles, and stimulate blood flow for an altogether healthier, more comfortable, and uniquely enjoyable standing experience.