How to disinfect Fully products

June 1, 2020
How to disinfect Fully office productsHow to disinfect Fully office products

Cleaning protocols are a crucial part of any company’s post-COVID-19 office return plan. Here is our guide for how to effectively and safely disinfect Fully’s desks, privacy panels, and other furniture.

Disinfectants list can be used on the following Fully products:

  • Bamboo tabletops

  • Laminate tabletops

  • Hardwood tabletops

Bleach solution of 1 tbsp per 4 litres of water can be used on the following Fully products:

  • Any of the tabletops listed above

Standing is important, but you don’t want to stand all day, either. You want to move.

Q: How long should I stand at my desk? Is it good to stand all day?

A: It’s not so much how long you stand, but how much time you aren’t sitting. In a previous research paper, Keith Diaz, the Columbia professor cited above, discovered that adults who sat for more than an hour at a time were at greater risk of early death than those who moved around. So, according to his work, you should get up every hour, perhaps by raising your stand up desk to a standing position, or by holding a walking meeting with your team. You can also check out our guide on how to get started with your standing desk for tips on posture, positioning, and more.

Q: I sometimes get back pain at the office. What are the benefits of a standing desk for people who have back or neck issues?

A: Yes, researchers in Australia found that standing up more often relieved musculoskeletal pain and fatigue in people who are overweight. We did a deeper dive into this topic here.