Monitor Arms

Best way to avoid back and neck pain? Place your monitor on a stand or shelf, raise it up to eye level, and let your days of healthy posture and comfort begin.

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  1. fully jarvis monitor arm mounted to jarvis desk with monitor silver side view Jarvis Monitor Arm

    Jarvis Monitor Arm

    Save space and your neck
    Starts at £100.00
  2. fully jarvis dual monitor arm mounted to jarvis desk with monitors silver Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm

    Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm

    Choose a monitor or laptop tray combo
    Starts at £150.00
  3. Computer monitor on a Jarvis desk shelf in bamboo with white supports Jarvis Desk Shelf Sale

    Jarvis Desk Shelf

    Elevate your monitor, Jarvis style
    Starts at £109.00 £129.00
  4. fully jarvis laptop arm mounted on jarvis desk silver

    Jarvis Laptop Arm

    A laptop tray to save your neck
    Starts at £135.00