Haven Privacy Booth

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A private workspace with eco-friendly construction featuring advanced soundproofing and quiet, energy-efficient airflow.

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Whether you're an office of 5 or 500, our project managers can help you create energizing spaces your team will love. 
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Whether you're an office of 5 or 500, our project managers can help you create energizing spaces your team will love. 
Shopping for your team? Get a quote.

The room to focus 

Today’s adaptive offices work best when they allow people the flexibility to move between collaborative spaces, areas to relax and connect, and zones for solo work. Adding a Haven Privacy Booth helps support this multifaceted environment by providing a quiet refuge for phone calls, focus, and productivity.  
Haven’s small footprint helps you conserve space and avoid costly construction, yet when paired with a stool like ILOA or Luna it’s roomy enough for active sitting. It’s also easy to move whenever the office layout requires an update. 
The solid ash table is designed to provide elbow support, while conveniently located USB ports make it easy to stay charged. Motion-sensitive task lighting turns on as you enter the booth, and is ideally positioned for video calls or heads-down work.  
With seven energy-efficient fans (four in the floor and three in the ceiling), fresh air is always being circulated throughout the booth as warm air gets pushed out and cool air pulled in. Each vent is equipped with sound traps to keep airflow quiet.    
The interior walls are constructed of easy-to-clean recycled PET felt containing 50% recycled plastic bottles that protects the finish and improves acoustics by absorbing echoes. Five layers of soundproofing materials inside the walls soak up different frequencies, while the double-laminated door glass limits the sound entering or leaving the booth. 

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When movement and flow are integrated throughout the day, your whole team, whether near or far, will be both happier and more productive.

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  • 5 year warranty

Details and dimensions 
  • Booth dimensions (L x W x H):

    • Interior: 92 x 96 x 216 cm 

    • Exterior: 106 x 110 x 240 cm

  • Table dimensions (L x W x H):

    • Table: 32 x 80 x 4 cm

    • Armrest: 50 x 15 x 4 cm

    • Table height: 108 cm

    • Weight capacity: 11,3 kg 

  • Product weight: 260 kg

  • Capacity: 1 person

  • Assembly instructions 

  • Exterior: black paint, black paint /veneer, white paint , white paint/veneer 

  • Interior: recycled PET felt finishing

  • Desktop shelf: ash wood

  • Door glass: double-laminated glass

  • Door handle: steel

  • Soundproof Walls: 3 soundproofing layers that reduce the sound up to 35 dB

  • Motion activated lighting and ventilation

  • Ventilation: 7 fans (<19 dBa) located in the floor and in the ceiling. Moving 200 m3 of air per hour

  • Magnetic door

  • Connectivity:

    • Power plug: 230V

    • 2 USB-A charging ports

  • Lighting: 

    • Power: 24W

    • LED: 4000K – which is ideal for video calls

  • Recycled PET felt finishing

  • More than 60% of materials used are recycled

  • Double-laminated glass certified to DIN 52338

  • E1 compliant

  • CE compliant

Shipping dimensions
Product Part  Length Width Height Weight
Base + Accessories

103 cm

112 cm

23 cm

45 kg


103 cm

112 cm

23 cm

45 kg


233 cm

112 cm

5 cm

40 kg

Right Wall

232 cm

104 cm

9 cm

45 kg

Left Wall

232 cm

104 cm

9 cm

45 kg

Back Wall

232 cm

110 cm

9 cm

40 kg




Shipping details
  • Haven Privacy Booth is a special order.