The Knack Coworking + Fully

“Like Fully, we want to serve people by helping to bring out their full selves at work.”

— Mariah Lincoln, Knack Collective co-owner

How Fully and Knack Coworking joined visions to create a space for all to love

Feeling more like forgotten tenants than valued mem- bers of a community, Mariah Lincoln and Catherine Bye—owners of the successful marketing agency Knack Collective—fled a disappointing Seattle coworking space to create a better experience for themselves and other underrepresented professionals of the business world.

Their vision: Knack Coworking, an inspiring, all-inclusive coworking space focused on creating greater access to business opportunity and success for womxn, people of colour and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

They wanted to create a beautiful space in which their employees and members could feel and do their best at work. Mariah and Catherine’s experience working on static, uncomfortable furniture had left them with sore backs and a complaining team.

They knew that a human-centred space that promotes wellness would help them attract and retain great members in the crowded Seattle coworking market.

“Everywhere you look, there’s a Fully piece that sparks a conversation—and speaks to the enriching and productive experience we want our members to feel.”

— Catherine Bye, Knack Collective co-owner

Mariah and Catherine found a kindred spirit in Fully Founder David Kahl, who had also fled a traditional work environment in search of a better, more balanced way of working. That search eventually led him to cre- ate Fully, with a mission to help people feel better in their bodies and bring their full selves to work. Knack partnered with Fully to create a healthy, dynamic workplace that encourages movement and flow.

With a three week timeline and a start-up budget, Fully helped Knack realise their big vision just in time for their grand opening.

“I have freedom to move when my body needs to. I feel liberated.”

— Bethany Sharp, Knack Collective art director

What to expect from working with Fully 

True partnership in space planning and design services

Listening, listening, listening: What’s your vision? How do you like to work?

Taking on unique challenges, working within timelines and budgets

Tailored solutions that fit your team and help bring out their best

Project coordination from start to finish

The most thoughtful customer service and warranty support in the industry, backed by thousands of verified reviews

Lightning fast delivery—free next-day shipping for most products

Full service: from white glove delivery and coordination, to precision assembly and installation, to hauling out boxes and shipping materials

Custom spaces for all moments in the workday

Focused individual work: Personal adjustable height desks and active seating, hot desks with balance boards and contoured standing mats—stay energised & engaged

Collaborative team work: Benching systems, active collaboration spaces, adjustable height conference tables—work together better

Connection spaces: Soft seating, sofas & armchairs, places to unplug, have private conversations—recharge and replenish

Knack favourites

  1. fully tic toc chair natural front view
    Tic Toc Chair
    Move-without-thinking-about-it chair
    Starts at €265.00 €194.21