Cable Management Tray and Solution Kit

Starts at €36.00 €29.75

Easy to install, and compatible with most Fully desks, this sturdy powder-coated steel tray provides all the help you’ll need to keep cables and power strips neat and out of the way.

Starts at €36.00 €29.75
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Get those cords off the floor

Constructed of sturdy powder-coated steel, our Cable Management tray is a natural extension of the Jarvis standing desk—and it’s totally compatible with many other Fully desks as well. An easy-to-install solution that keeps power strips and cables tidy and out of the way.


Cable Management Solution Kit

Upgrade to our convenient bundle which includes:

One (1) Cable Management Tray: black, gray, or white

Two (2) Tray brackets

Four (4) Wood screws

Twenty (20) Zip Ties

One (1) Surge protector: black


The surge protector offers six outlets. The 3m cord provides plenty of cable for your desk to move up and down. To keep everything organized, we've included plenty of velcro straps and cable clips.

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It's the little things

Keeping your workspace organized and peaceful—these are the keys to creating a space that brings out the best in you.

Details and dimensions 
  • Product dimensions: 64 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm
  • Max weight capacity: 4.5 kg
  • Compatible with all Fully desktops
  • 1 year warranty for Cable Management Tray
  • Fully surge protector dimensions: 32 cm x 5 cm x 3 cm
  • Outlets: 6 Power
  • Surge Protector: 880j
  • Cable length: > 2.5m
  • Fully Surge Protector colors: black
  • 1 year warranty for Fully Surge Protector

Outlets depend on the country that you select. We have three different types of surge protectors available that should cover most of Europe. The types are:

  • Type E
  • Type G
  • Type F
Materials and features
Shipping Dimensions
  Length Width Height Weight
Cable management tray        
Cable Management Tray - Complete Solution        
Shipping Details
  • Cable Management Tray ships via TNT from Belgium.
  • Cable Management Solution Kit ships via TNT from Belgium.
  • Packaging is completely recyclable