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  1. fully cora standing desk converter extended on desk white
    Cora Standing Desk Converter
    Simple and stashable
    Starts at $149.00
  2. fully tic toc chair natural front view
    Tic Toc Chair
    Move-without-thinking-about-it chair
    Starts at $225.00
  3. fully cooper standing desk converter bamboo extended with laptop
    Cooper Standing Desk Converter
    Thoughtful design, quality materials
    Starts at $299.00
  4. fully wiretamer gray mounted on jarvis desk
    Hide your cords and cables
    Starts at $10.00
  5. fully capisco chair by hag eco polyester sapphire base
    Capisco Chair by HÅG
    Most versatile all-day chair
    Starts at $799.00
  6. Jarvis Bamboo standing desk with contour edge desktop and black frame
    Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk
    Best standing desk for (and on) the planet
    Starts at $449.00

More than a desk, an obsession

It took a lot of committed geeks to make a desk this great. See how we spent a year and a half working to make our award-winning Jarvis Standing Desk even better. 

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What do our customers have to say?

With a three-week timeline and start-up budget, Fully helped Knack Coworking realize their big vision: create a beautiful space where everyone could feel and do their best at work.

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