Desks by Material

We know that selecting your next sit-stand desk can be a tough decision, and we're here to help. On this page, our desks are organized by top material.


Beatiful Bamboo Desk Tops

Our bamboo tops are made without the use of dyes or stains; the honey color is the product of the bamboo's natural properties, and the kiln firing process. But they're not just a pretty face:

  • Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent trees
  • Truly sustainable: fully mature trees in 5 years
  • No pesticides or fertilizers required for growth
  • Available with straight or contour edge, and our unique Wing tops
  • Available in L-shape

Jarvis Rocket Mission Evolve Desk

Hardwood and Wood Veneer

Our Jarvis Hardwood and stunning Rocket Mission Evolve tops are crafted by Indiana-based designer, Vincent Leman, from North American wood.

Focal desks and tables are available in handsome White Oak or Black Walnut veneers, over hardwood plywood.

Our AD series of desks offer handsome tops made with recycled fiberboard, and sustainably harvested beech and maple veneers.

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes

Laminate and Powdercoat

Durable, and easy to clean, laminate is one of the hardiest surface materials available.

Our Powdercoat tops (available with Jarvis) are lighter than the laminate and hardwood tops, but a little more resilient than our bamboo tops.

  • 100% recycled fiberboard core
  • Scratch-resistent, VOC and formaldehyde-free thermotech powdercoat
  • Available with straight or contour edge
  • L-shape available