Mesh Back Office Chairs

Find your focus as you lean into the flexible support of our ergonomically designed mesh back office chairs.

Explore a range of energizing sitting positions in these innovative and intuitively adjustable modern mesh back office chairs. With breathable lumbar support that contours to your form, you’ll find the perfect balance of firm and flexible comfort.

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  1. fully knoll regeneration chair onyx back olive seat ReGeneration Desk Chair by Knoll

    ReGeneration Desk Chair by Knoll

    Light, compact, and super-comfy
    Starts at $549.95 $647.00
  2. Fully desk chair white and gray Fully Desk Chair

    Fully Desk Chair

    A desk chair for long-term comfort
    Starts at $254.15 $299.00
  3. Alani desk chair black base with gray upholstery Alani Desk Chair New

    Alani Desk Chair

    A stylish, adjustable desk chair
    Starts at $322.15 $379.00
  4. Sayl chair in Fog front Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

    Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

    An intelligently designed office chair
    Starts at $709.75 $835.00
  5. Lino chair by Herman Miller in fog and white Lino Chair by Herman Miller

    Lino Chair by Herman Miller

    Simply comfortable
    Starts at $675.75 $795.00

Frequently asked questions

Are mesh office chairs good for your back?

  • Mesh back office chairs offer firm and flexible support that contours to the shape of your back as you sit. The interwoven design is durable, breathable, and structured with an integrated lumbar adjustment that ensures your lower back gets the support it needs throughout the day.

What is the meaning of lumbar support?

  • “Lumbar” refers to the lower region of your back. Some people find this part of their back needs additional support when sitting in a traditional office chair to maintain the natural s-curve of their spine. Having the proper lumbar support can help prevent and ease lower back pain while sitting.

Is lumbar support good or bad?

  • Lumbar back support is designed to promote proper posture and spine alignment. It achieves this by filling in the space between your lower back and the back of your seat.