Premium Leather and Vinyl Office Chairs

Make a statement with a customizable premium leather or vinyl office chair.

Our premium leather and vinyl office chairs boast high-quality, durable fabric options that add a level of style and sophistication versatile enough for every home or office. Our leather and vinyl office chairs are ergonomic and support your body throughout the day.

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  1. Capisco chair by HAG era-poly bloom with white base Capisco Chair by HÅG

    Capisco Chair by HÅG

    Most versatile all-day chair
    Starts at $1,116.00
  2. fully capisco ultra sound chair by hag onyx vinyl black base  Capisco Medical Professional's Chair by HÅG

    Capisco Medical Professional's Chair by HÅG

    A round-the-clock chair for health professionals
    Starts at $1,138.00

Your Fully Questions, Answered (FAQ)

How do I care for my leather chair?

  • Natural leather is a living material that requires routine care to maintain its beauty and protect it from excessive wear and tear. These steps will keep your leather office chair looking vibrant and timeless for years to come:

    • Regularly wipe the leather in a circular motion with a damp cloth and mild soap; do not saturate the leather.
    • Avoid chemicals and test all cleaning agents in an inconspicuous place.
    • Do not use microfiber cloths as they can damage the top finish of the leather. Dry the leather with a dry cloth but don’t apply too much pressure as this can scratch or damage the surface of the leather.
    • Protect the leather from direct sunlight and excessive heat.
    • Protect the leather from sharp objects, zippers, and rivets.

Are leather office chairs worth it?

  • Your workspace should be a supportive place that motivates you to do your best work, and an important part of that space is the office chair you choose. If you appreciate premium, long-lasting, sustainably produced materials, our Paloma leather desk chair is the perfect choice. The leather is tanned without using chromium salts, and is GreenGuard Certified. As a B-Corporation, we’re proud to partner with Flokk, a company that keeps sustainable design at the forefront of their manufacturing practices.

What is the best leather office chair?

  • The best leather office chair will be ergonomically supportive, while giving you the ability to change positions throughout the day. The unique design of our premium Capisco leather desk chair incorporates a saddle seat that opens your hips and positions your knees below your pelvis to promote healthy blood flow. This 3-in-1 office chair lets you sit forward, sideways, and backward, supporting variation and movement to keep you energized. Every part of this desk chair is adjustable, offering a fine-tuned supportive seated position that promotes proper posture and spine alignment for your body throughout the day.

Are vinyl office chairs good?

  • Vinyl is a durable fabric that’s made to last. If you love the look of a leather office chair but don’t want the task of maintaining it over time, vinyl upholstery will offer a leather aesthetic with less need for routine maintenance.

How do I care for my vinyl office chair?

  • For general cleaning of your vinyl office chair, you can use warm water and mild dish soap. For spot treatments, act quickly; most spots can be treated with warm water and sponge drying. For disinfecting in a medical setting, you can use a 4:1 bleach solution to wipe down the chair weekly and keep it sanitized.