Standing Desk Chairs

Sit, stand, lean, perch—the more you move, the better you feel

Just as sitting all day isn’t good for you, neither is standing for too long. A chair that allows you to perch, lean, or sit when your desk is at its standing height is the best way to support your body throughout the day. Always easy to adjust, these sit-stand chairs work equally well at a traditional height desk. 

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  1. Capisco chair by HAG era-poly bloom with white base Capisco Chair by HÅG

    Capisco Chair by HÅG

    Most versatile all-day chair
    Starts at $984.00
  2. fully capisco puls by hag sprint fathom black base front view Capisco Puls by HÅG

    Capisco Puls by HÅG

    A firmer & narrower saddle than Capisco
    Starts at $659.00
  3. fully luna standing desk stool fern with white base Luna Standing Desk Stool

    Luna Standing Desk Stool

    Easy leaning for more active working
    Starts at $211.65 $249.00
  4. fully capisco ultra sound chair by hag onyx vinyl black base

    Capisco Medical Professional's Chair by HÅG

    A round-the-clock chair for health professionals
    Starts at $1,005.00
  5. Iloa - Chair - Natural Beech - Jet ILOA Saddle Chair

    ILOA Saddle Chair

    A saddle chair with more leg support
    Starts at $395.00
  6. Redefining ergonomics

    If we want to feel our best all the time, we've got to change the way we think about our workspaces.

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    person jumpingperson jumping
  7. ILOA Barstool - Black Seat - No Cushion - Black Base ILOA Bar Stool

    ILOA Bar Stool

    A saddle for standing-height surfaces
    Starts at $229.00
  8. fully muvman sit stand stool by aeris gray microfiber with silver base Muvman Sit-Stand Stool by aeris

    Muvman Sit-Stand Stool by aeris

    360° of moving, leaning freedom
    Starts at $499.00
  9. fully tic toc chair natural with cushion front view Tic Toc Chair

    Tic Toc Chair

    Move-without-thinking-about-it chair
    Starts at $250.00
  10. fully move stool by varier revive dark blue Move Stool by Varier

    Move Stool by Varier

    A seat made to move body and mind
    Starts at $349.00
  11. Numo chair white wood base Numo Chair by aeris

    Numo Chair by aeris

    Timeless, versatile, ingenious
    Starts at $329.00
  12. tic toc balans kneeling chair era clay Tic Toc Balans Kneeling Chair New colors

    Tic Toc Balans Kneeling Chair

    A perfect marriage of balance and movement
    Starts at $399.00
  13. Fully desk chair white and gray Fully Desk Chair

    Fully Desk Chair

    A desk chair for long-term comfort
    Starts at $349.00
  14. fully knoll regeneration chair onyx back olive seat ReGeneration Desk Chair by Knoll

    ReGeneration Desk Chair by Knoll

    Light, compact, and super-comfy
    Starts at $713.00
  15. fully knoll ollo chair grey back blue seat Ollo Office Chair By Knoll

    Ollo Office Chair By Knoll

    Modern versatility, responsive support
    Starts at $487.00
  16. fully tic toc tyke red Tic Toc Tyke Sale

    Tic Toc Tyke

    A chair to let the wiggles loose
    Starts at $104.30 $149.00
  17. fully variable balans kneeling chair revive black Variable Balans by Varier

    Variable Balans by Varier

    Active sitting made effortless
    Starts at $379.00
  18. fully balans kneeling chair jet Fully Balans Kneeling Chair New colors

    Fully Balans Kneeling Chair

    Now with even more originality
    Starts at $399.00

Frequently asked questions

What is a standing desk chair?

  • Standing desk chairs work just as well for you at a standing height as they do at a traditional sitting height. They allow you to sit without lowering your adjustable-height desk from your preferred standing height.

Why should you get a chair for your standing desk?

  • Standing for at least part of your workday is great for your posture, your energy, and key to alleviating pain. But just like sitting all day isn’t good for you, neither is standing all day. Having a chair that can allow you to perch, lean, or sit while your desk is at its standing height means you have the flexibility you need to support your body throughout the day.

What is the best chair for a standing desk?

  • There are many options that work great with a standing-height desk, and choosing the right one for you depends on your work style. If you plan to stand for most of the day, a perch or stool is a great option. If you envision sitting more frequently, saddle-seat office chairs can ensure great ergonomics while you take a break from standing.

How long should you stand at a standing desk?

  • This is a personal choice, but experts do recommend you change position every 30-60 minutes, whether that’s from sitting to standing or to leaning, perching, and wiggling. You can find more advice on how to get started with your standing desk here.