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Sustainable Seating: HAG Capisco Puls

black pulsThere are plenty of companies out there who describe themselves as “green” or “sustainable” just because they use recycled packaging materials and compost their coffee grounds.

Then there are companies like HAG, who truly practice sustainability in not just packaging, but in manufacturing, component materials, and durability of their products.

Take HAG’s Capisco Puls, for example. Not only is the chair 95% recyclable and made of primarily recycled content, HAG has issued an environmental report that details the energy consumption and global warming impact. This attention to detail in the manufacturing process gives you an idea of the strong commitment HAG has made to sustainability in its products. From HAG:

Part of that evolution is a deeper understanding of what it means to be “sustainable” and a commitment to integrating the social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability into our policies, our practices, our designs, and our culture.

What good is green manufacturing if the product itself doesn’t last more than a year or two before you will need to replace it? Not much. HAG backs up its products with one of the best warranties in the industry.

For more on the environmental product summary of the HAG Capisco Puls, click here to download the fact sheet. Information on indoor air quality, LEED credits, material content plus other important factors are available for all HAG products. For specifics on the company’s corporate perspective, check out this link. They even ship packages using alternative fuel when available.

Show me the numbers.

So how exactly does the Capisco Puls stack up?

Material Content:

  • Aluminum: 94% recycled content
  • Steel: 14% recycled content

Recyclable Materials:

  • Post Consumer Recycled Content 24%
  • Aggregate total (PCRC + ½ PIRC) 24%
  • Recyclable 95%

Ergo Depot is committed to sustainability in our products and the manufacturers we chose to work with. We would be more than happy to answer questions regarding the environmental impact of any of our products.