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Sandwiches Of Fully - Vol. 1

You may have noticed we’ve undergone a name change recently. We are now fully. Our enduring commitment to Sandwich accompanied us through the transition unscathed. Here we are, feeling better, looking better and answering to a new name. Our beloved blog also answers to a newer, snappier name. Welcome to Sandwiches of Fully Volume 1

I took a moment to speak with Ryan Liverman about Sandwiches. Along the way, we discuss rock climbing, Norwegian Slow TV and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Naturally. Oddly, we both managed to say absolutely nothing about bicycles or cycling culture. Enjoy.

Nate B: “How do you feel about being interviewed? Specifically about the best sandwich you’ve ever eaten.”

Ryan L: “I could be talked into it.”

NB: “RAD. First off, you. The man. Who are you? What is your name?”

RL: “I am Ryan. My name is Ryan Liverman.”

NB: “What do you do at Fully?”

RL: “My de facto position is Product Development Supervisor.”

NB: “How long have you been employed here?”

RL: “As of today I’ve been here for a little under a year.”

NB: “Do you sit or stand or do a little bit of both with your Jarvis?”

RL: “I try to do a little of both but I usually spend my time sitting on a stool.”

NB: “I have observed you do a significant amount of walking, crouching and kneeling as well. Depending on your task. It must be a good workout.”

RL: “You’ve ‘observed?’ That sounds creepy.”

NB: “INORITE?! Now, the sandwich. Itself:

“If you could choose one memorable sandwich you’ve eaten here at Fully, what would it be?”

RL: “There is no clear answer to that.

“I recall being impressed by the Randy from Olympia Provisions but that’s more the result of an unappetizing name and an appetizing sandwich.”

Hi. I'm Randy.

NB: “Ah yes, the legendary Randy. Is that your choice?”

RL: “The Don Johnson from Lardo taught me that there was always room to improve on a classic.”

NB: “Trust your gut. The one you love is usually right where you would least expect—right there with you. Like Ducky in Pretty in Pink.”

RL: *struggling* “The Cubano from Olympic Provisions is also spectacular and the only time outside of my first Banh Mi at Lardo that I put my sandwich down out of shock at how good it was.”

NB: “That sounds like your horse.”

RL: “No, the Don Johnson.”

NB: “Erhmagherd.”

RL: “Ok. The Banh Mi at Lardo. Always consistent, always good. Head and shoulders above the rest and it compliments the traditional sandwich.”

NB: “There she is.”

RL: “Flavor. Good bread. Everything works to support the sandwich. There is nothing extraneous.”

NB: “How do you approach your sandwich? Do you have a game plan? For example, eating the edges to expose the ‘heart’ of the sandwich, ending the meal with that one last perfect bite of middle sandwich? Or, do you just chow at random?”

RL: “Depends entirely on the sandwich. Sometimes it is a perfunctory march towards nourishment. On rare occasions it’s a slow process where every bite is savored.”

NB: “Let’s ‘unpack’ that last statement, if it’s not too personal. Under what circumstances would your sandwich turn into a perfunctory march towards nourishment?”

RL: “Like, when I get home late and it’s ham and cheese on whatever bread we have in the house. I’m a simple man at heart.”

NB: “Keeping it simple is important. Nobody wants to be a sandwich queen. Unless, I assume, it’s the Banh Mi, at Lardo? In that case I can understand the sandwich slow-jam. Maybe a little dirty?

“Maybe it’s late at night, sure sure. But, it’s just you and the sandwich, and you close the blinds and lock the door…”

RL: “I feel no shame, if the sandwich is deserving.”

NB: “In that case, there’s a number of Norwegian or Japanese websites, slow TV I think it’s called, who would pay good money to watch you negotiate your ultimate sandwich. Either Finnish, or Japanese. I forget which. But, I’m guessing there’s a tidy sum to be made.”

RL: “Nah, some things are too important to be commoditized.”

NB: “Well, in case you’re ever hard up for some scratch, that jaw-line of yours is a money-maker.”

RL: “You’re too kind.”

NB: “Put that on the internet. Watch your PayPal go bonkers.”

RL: ...

NB: “Let’s talk about that Banh Mi. Can you remember the circumstances of your first encounter? Usually I find it’s the little details that are sealed in amber at such an event.”

RL: “Not specifically, but I was with some friends and we had just come back into town from a climbing trip. Probably mid 2012.”

NB: “This is an interesting point. After a week hiking around the Utah backcountry with woefully underestimated supplies, the first nourishment I found was a Maverick gas station outside of Moab. I went in, got a hot dog. It was one of those nasty, wrinkled up sad little wieners they had on the rotary. I think I ate it before I got my change back. I didn’t even bother with condiments. NO CONDIMENTS (if you can believe that). I immediately bought two more which I loaded with condiments, ate and promptly purchased two more. It was not a pretty time in my life. Maybe even a low point. But those hot dogs, those pathetic, four year old, sawdusty tubes of raccoon fat and MSG, they will always live on in my heart (hips and thighs) as one of my favorite meals.

"So, after a long camping trip, do you think maybe your judgement might have been compromised?"

RL: “It was only a day trip.”

NB: “Oh. Where did you go?”

RL: “French’s Dome, a large volcanic plug just outside of Zig Zag Oregon.”

NB: “Any relation to French Dip?”

RL: “Not to my knowledge but anything is possible. French’s Dome is a sport crag and one of my favorites in the area. Given my druthers I’d climb granite or sandstone boulders.”

NB: “You might be wondering when I’m going to come back around to that Banh Mi. Well, here it is: if your Banh Mi, from Lardo was a climb, what kind would it be. Feel free to be as specific as possible.”

RL: “I have no idea of how to answer that. Give me a minute….”

Time passes.

NB: “Alternatively, you can answer that question with, ‘If your Sandwich was a Schwarzenegger role, which would you choose?”

RL: “I’m struggling to think which Arnold role best represents the banh mi at Lardo.”

NB: “If I may take a swing in the dark, I feel I know you enough to guess your sandwich is a Dutch, with strong John Matrix tendencies.”

One likes stew, one likes sandwiches. That's an Arrested Development reference btw.

RL: “Actually, it might be a Frank Dux. French influence in South-East Asia and all.”

This sandwich is soooo good!
Wait, it’s all gone?!?
Is that another one over there?
Thank you Lord
At peace now

NB: “On what kind of climb would Frank Dux enjoy this sandwich?”

RL: “The way JCVD loves doing the splits, I’d say some sort of trad climb with a lot of stemming.”

NB: “Naturally."

 NB: “Is there one here in Oregon, or close by that you enjoy in particular? Or, even, one here in the Fully office?”

RL: “Probably an off-width, or perhaps Buttermilk Stem in Bishop.”

NB: “Speaking of Fully, when is our rock climbing edition Jarvis coming out?”

RL: “We’re working on proprietary rubber.”

NB: “Rock climbing and sit-stand desks: together at last.”

RL: “It would make getting to high first bolts easier.”

NB: “It’s not cheating at all! You know, those desks are like 60 lbs It’s not like it was an easy haul to get it all the way out to Smith Rock, or Buttermilk Stem in Bishop.

“Moving on, is there any last detail you would like to illuminate about the Banh Mi at Lardo?”

RL: “We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far."

NB: “That’s a heady quote! That’s going to have me tied in knots for indefinitely.”

*Noteworthy: Images of Jean-Claude Van Damme were found in Ryan’s wallet. Stop him any old time, he’ll love to talk about the Jarvis Rock Climbing Edition (coming soon!) and show you the collection of JCVD photos in his wallet.

Also Noteworthy: Nate is releasing his very own book, Luck Favors the Prepared, on September 8th. We’re hosting his book release party in our soon-to-open Water avenue showroom. You can check out his website here. Make sure to sign up for his rad newsletter!

We have to work with this guy.