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Move It Or Lose It: Mindfulness Beyond The Standing Desk Paradigm

The struggle is real, we get tired. Given the conspiring forces of gravity, time and our ever-slowing metabolism it’s no surprise the urge to check-out and disengage can seem insurmountable. This is especially the case for our workday, when the sleepy pull of these combined forces lurk especially close by.

Reinvent Your Workspace Again, For The First Time. Again.

As our name implies, we’re all about bringing your full self to everything you do. We got a pretty good bump there with our standing desk, the Jarvis. Sit-standing offered a refreshing new perspective. And we’ve been standing at our desks for a while now—the change in scenery is certainly delightful, but there’s no mistaking that many of us feel the old familiar aches creeping in, just in different ways. If you’re still sore and dragging at the day’s end, it’s fair to wonder: is that it?

That’s a great question! “There must be more to sit-standing because my body is telling me there is.”

While we’re thrilled so many people are making the Jarvis switch, we’re also delighted so many people are pressing to know more about active seating. Hopefully you’ll join us in pushing beyond the sit-stand paradigm? We’ll be following the very same thread we began with our desks: to a more engaged workspace. To a place with, we’re not ashamed to say it, presence and joy.

Active Sitting Means Active People

The days of choosing between standing and sitting are over. For Fully, the romance with active sitting was first sparked by the Capisco. Ever since, the Capisco has been our ‘true-north’ as we sought out equally innovative tweaks to the chair-trap and curated a unique selection to expand your horizons to perch, lean, balance, or rock all the live-long day.

These active seat options are built with an eye to your body’s natural posture at full relax. Think, of the posture you’d assume floating in water, not ramrod straight, but not a 90 degree sit either, somewhere in-between, opening your joints and improving your circulation.

Our kneeling chairs are designed to improve that circulation, relieve lower back strain, and can support your body’s natural posture and rhythm. The Variable Balans chair encourages a natural rocking movement, urging the body toward a more settled, upright and comfortably active kneeling approach. Our new Tic Toc Chair lends itself to your natural sway. Its contoured, flat seat makes way for your legs but keeps your back aligned. Protip: mixing in a little slouch is okay too (we won’t tell). Whatever feels right is the beauty of such a simple design.

Between standing and completely sitting, we also carry a variety of stools for the non-committal—think supported standing. The perfectly compact and portable design of the MOGO kickstand is a convenient option for those who want to lean back at their standing desk or campfire. The unassuming Muvman Sit-Stand Stool is designed with adjustable height to accommodate tall standing desks. Additionally, its microfiber seat creates friction that will keep you secure on the stool as you lean forward without making your pants ride. We like your pants riiight where they are.

When you can’t get out of sitting all day, the HAG Capisco Puls Chair will be your best friend. It supports multiple comfortable sitting positions and is definitely one of the most versatile seats out there. Our 3Dee Active Chair keeps you focused and engaged on the up and up with lateral movement keeping your legs kicking and body bouncing, great even for a long stretches of desk time.

This is what life outside the 90-degree constant looks like: varied postures that lure your whole self to the frontlines.

Your Workspace Is A Process.

Your solution is as unique as you are. This is why active ergonomics is a relationship we follow closely, with a lead from the habits you already know and love.

When you’re on the job, do you pop up from your desk frequently? Do you rock back and forth in your seat? Do you pace around during phone calls with clients? Maybe even check in with your feet. What are they up to? Every detail helps to map out the right solutions for specifically you. Nothing makes our day like hearing from someone so surprised to find they’re tapping along to their work.

Incidents of surprise dancing have even been reported. These are normal and should not be cause for alarm.

The more you move, the more fully awake you are in your body. Active sitting breaks what is traditionally a sedentary rest position to one that keeps your body more engaged. Similar to the conversation about standing desks, however, your solution does not end with chairs. Indeed there’s a variety of accessories to compliment your workspace with features designed to inspire movement. Consider the profile of our Topo mat: small bumps and angles just as fun to stomp as bubble wrap, but a lot less noisy.

We see the process of defining your active workspace as a relationship. What may be wildly successful for one may not sit well for another. Sometimes we don’t get it right, and that’s okay. While we’ve made finding your balance super easy, there’s no sure-fire formula to arranging these elements.

That’s why we’ve recently updated our return policy around the Capisco, Puls and Puls Plus. In addition to our new fabulous 90-day risk-free return policy, we'll be adding contact information to get in touch with our Customer Support team who just love providing any insights into using this chair to its fullest potential. By waiving the restocking/reshipping fee, we're encouraging you to really give Capisco a go. Coming from a traditional task chair, we recognize this will be a different sitting experience and may take some getting used to.

Whether you’re after a seat, a foot rest or balance board, a standing mat or the whole burrito, we’ll hook you up with what you need and provide the support you need to feel more energetic and focused at work. This may seem like a tall order but we’re okay with that. We know these aren’t easy decisions.

We love to help discover what flips that mischievous switch. There’s a playfulness, an awakening motion, even in the long banal hours, that engages both the body and the mind.

What’s yours?