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Instilling Movement, Creativity & Learning at Home

This guest post comes from Hailey Andresen, the founder of Household Mag. Take a peek into her life as a mother, wife, retired nomad, writer, foodie, stylist and podcaster building a nest in Brooklyn here.

A couple weeks ago we dipped our toes into preschool and quickly learned that the school we had chosen wasn’t the right fit for our three-year-old son, Owen. We’ve always done our best as parents to instill movement, creativity and learning at home, but we’re feeling the pressure to do so now more than ever considering school is looking a little further in the distance than we had originally planned.

The arrival of our son’s Jarvis Standing Desk was practically serendipitous. We had ordered the desk to give Owen the space in his room to double down on the learning he would be doing in school. When the desk arrived after his first week was complete and we were fairly certain he wouldn’t be going back, I instantly felt a wave of excitement and optimism about our days at home.

As a stay at home/work from home mom, I’m always looking for new ways to not only keep Owen entertained but to keep him excited about learning and being creative. It’s also essential that anything he’s working on, playing with or creating must be done while standing or moving. Parents, I’m sure you are well aware of the very active three-year-old lifestyle I’m referring to. It’s pretty much impossible to keep this kid in a chair to eat, let alone to draw or do a puzzle. But in all honesty, as exhausting as it can be for us parents, we’re happy that he’s always on the move.

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re already a fan of Fully and their extensive line of products for the whole family. They say it best on their site when they say, “Kids not only have a very real physical need to move, but there is growing evidence that kids focus longer, process faster, and learn better when they are given the freedom to move.”

Our family strongly believes in this message which made purchasing Owen’s first desk (the Jarvis Standing Desk) and desk chair (the Tic Toc Tyke) an easy choice. We love the chair because it gives him a chance to sit if he’d like, but to actively sit. This way he can get all his wiggles out while still staying focused on what’s at his desk. Beyond Fully’s exceptional design, I’d say the cherry on top for me as a mom, is that with the adjustable height, realistically, he could take this desk to college with him. It can be challenging as parents to make the investment in furniture for our little ones, but I’ve learned for the staples like this that it’s always worth it.

Photography by Amy Frances Hanen.



About Hailey Andresen

Hailey Andresen is a mother, wife, retired nomad, writer, foodie, stylist and podcaster building a nest in Brooklyn. She is the founder of the lifestyle blog, Household Mag. and the co-founder of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast as well as Building Household with Hailey & Amy.