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Your Fully workspace... activated!

Getting your workspace dialed is no easy task. It takes a little bit of imagination and a leap of faith to consider a whole new way of working. Sometimes the best way to tell this story is to hear from people who’ve already set up their office, people who love their work.

What’s in an active workspace?

When you have the freedom to sit, stand, stretch, squat, perch, or lean yourself into healthy, comfortable positions, you feel more alive and engaged, in your work and in your life. The Jarvis standing desk, especially when paired with active seating options like the Capisco Chair are designed to match our bodies unique and constantly changing needs.

To better understand how these pieces perform, out in the wild, so we asked our customers: What does a movement inspired, active workspace mean to you? Does your body feel differently at the end of the day? Do you notice yourself changing positions more often—sitting to standing, rocking, perching, etc? Are you noticing any changes in your energy level?

We suspect these desks and chairs are a pretty big deal. So you can imagine how delighted we were to get so many great responses, to hear about what keeps you moving through the day. We decided to share some of them here. Enjoy.





Arnaldo Piccinelli
I absolutely love my Fully Jarvis desk. It's great to be able to start the day in a standing position, and then quickly switch over for a bit. When I walk away, I trigger the desk to go back up to my preferred height, so when I return, I'm back to standing position! I have more energy and feel more alert by standing throughout the day. This is one of the best professional products I have ever purchased.






Sarah Oetting
During daylight hours, my desk is my life. I work from home with my dog, Bear, usually nearby. Since I got my beloved Fully desk, I made the conscious effort to start moving more. And, OMG, what a difference. No more neck pain and I feel stronger in my core and legs. I do a lot of stretching while at my desk, too, and I actually feel connected to my body again. Those days of being a mindless drone slaving away at my computer are long gone. Adios, hump back. Hello, freedom!






Richard Pfeifer
Well, I literally only have had my desk now for 4 days. . . .AND I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW MUCH THIS HAS HELPED MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER!! I now have a desk that encourages me to be active. The desk enables me to stand or sit on the fly (mainly stand tho) and I'm not having to use custom stands of Costco boxes to get things to the right height. I am so glad I purchased this desk! The quality, the build and the functionality are top notch!!!




Juan Pablo Gomez
Super reliable! I've got the smallest Jarvis (New York Apartments...). It has three heights set in the memory pad and they work like... 1, 2, 3.




Kerry Knopp
I like to stand up while I'm on phone calls. Being able to raise my desk up during those calls and still have my computer be accessible is amazing!





Leon Pereira
I use a standing desk and am planning to use my mini rebounder (trampoline) every time I get tired of standing.




Cathy Jensen
I love my bamboo Jarvis desk and the ability to adjust the height with the touch of a button. Every day is different depending on the shoes I am wearing, tension in my shoulders, what I am working on. The programmable motor gives me unlimited options! I have people ask me frequently about my desk and I always give them your website address and encourage them to seriously consider one of your desks!





Scott Ahlsmith
The solid construction, high-quality materials, and the vertical flexibility made Fully my choice for my home and business offices. Both offices are identically configured, except for my Springer Spaniel, who is not allowed in my work office. My day is packed with 4+ hours of meetings so any opportunity to stand is welcome.



Adrian Bryce
I love my Jarvis desk, would love more active seating. Keep active by frequently standing.









Matt Bon




Michael Coker
I have gnarly back issues, and my desktop is fully adjustable and fast, and my Capisco chair keeps my posture on point.









Ryan Tinker
Purchasing a Jarvis Standing Desk (Bamboo Desktop, Contour, 72") was one of the best decisions I've ever made! As a high school band director and web designer, I spend a fair amount of time behind my desk each day. Having the ability to customize positions has improved my posture, my productivity, and my efficiency in the workplace. I definitely would encourage those interested in a standing desk to splurge for the memory height adjuster, a Topo mat, and sidekick filing cabinet with their new standing desk. Thanks Fully for designing amazing products that are a lifesaver!


Andrew Sheridan
I love my Jarvis desk and Ergo Driven Topo Mat because they give me the ability to move about without losing productive time. Paired with a sedentary alert on my watch, movement during work has become second nature, and keeps my brain active in a way that the La-Z-Boy chair in my old office never could.








Cindy Jones
I love everything about my Fully workspace! From the bamboo adjustable desk to the Topo mat to the Lumen light and Jarvis monitor arm!! My hips used to hurt from sitting all day, now I am pain free as I am able to stand and work! The Topo mat is amazing as well for your legs and feet! Such high quality and well worth the price! Thank you Fully!









Bradley Hodges
I LOVE being able to stay active and moving while I work. So nice to add productivity and energy to the day.





David Evans
My sit/stand desk allows me to work throughout the day without being sedentary, letting me move more and feel more vibrant all day long.









Brittanie Markham
I'm a designer and I work from home, so I have to be at my computer drawing for at least 6 - 8 hours a day. I used to have terribly tight and painful hip flexors all day long because I was sitting so much, I couldn't take it so finally decided that I needed a standing work station. After all of the research that I did, I decided on getting the Jarvis desk--I love it! I'm pain free because I'm not sitting all day! :)




Your active workspace is what you make of it

We love hearing from all of you! It's such a privilege getting a peek at what makes your active workspace work, for you. Thanks to everyone who sends us pictures of their Fully active workspace, for all the great ideas, customizations and life hacks.