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Form, Function & Collaboration

As simple as the ballpoint pen in your hand or as embellished as the latest 4-D flat screen model (equipped with smell-o-vision), we are all surrounded by products that were designed with purpose. And, design, inspired by a delicate balance of form, function, and collaboration is at the heart of our product development philosophy.

Is It Necessary?

The world doesn't need more of the same—especially another task chair. There are so many designs in the furniture biz that are done over and over again. And, this just ain't our type of approach to product development. Our aim is to offer only unique products that are relevant and have value. First thing's first, we ask: is this design something that the world really needs? Not to mention, user feedback is extremely important when determining how to better any of our products. If it's necessary for you, then it's necessary for us. Seriously, if you have any sort of input, we're just a call, email, facebook message or tweet away!

design-field A simple solution to your open office needs: the Field panel doubles as acoustic relief and a sense of privacy.

Keep It Simple and Stunning

Although we're not willing to sacrifice function for form, aesthetics are very important when we create something new or improve upon existing products. A clean, organized and stunning work space can help you to focus on the work at hand. So, if we can meet our aesthetic goals while adding to the piece's functionality, streamlining the design, and eliminating any unnecessary elements, then we will feel successful. However, we will always tame our desire for beauty by making sure our products aren't over-engineered or complicated. Clean and simple lines work best.

design-jarvis-new Behold, the Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk.

Jarvis Got A New Pair of Shoes

There will always be room for improvements, even once we've designed a winner. Speaking of, our top-ranking standing desk, Jarvis, just got a facelift. No need to fret, we kept what everybody loves about Jarvis; the strong, stable frame is still crafted from recycled steel, it can lift a whopping 350 lbs, the lifting mechanisms are hush hush (arguably, even more quiet now). The main differences you'll find are in assembly and appearance.

  • The frame feet, if you will, have a more modern, square toe with a slightly rounded heel. Jarvis not only makes a great piece for the office, but it's new do allows for the desk to fit right in to your loft apartment, art studio, small business--the list goes on!
  • Color options have been freshened up too with a more matte finish. We've updated the 'grey' option to silver and added a pop of color, (RED), to the list.
  • Outer hardware (screws, bolts, etc.) are hidden on the new frame, giving Jarvis a more polished, poetic feel.
  • With user experience in mind, assembly is now a bit more simple and streamlined with a few less steps.
design-jarvis-feet Old shoes on the left. New shoes on the right.

Inspiration & Collaboration

We're definitely not driven by squeezing more and more mula out of our customers. So what exactly are we inspired by? Our design team is more of a dynamic duo; founder- David Kahl, and whippersnapper Ryan Liverman are responsible for cooking up the active lifestyle products that are hard to live without.

David finds inspiration in mid-century modernism as well as simple lines and nature. "My aesthetic goes towards the simple and not the over engineered or complicated," David explained. On a recent trip to Japan, he found himself admiring all types of design, even a simple park bench. "It was so…perfect. To some it may have been unremarkable but I couldn’t stop looking at the curves, the simplicity in the two legs - it didn’t even have a back," he notes. "The design was so effortless and beautiful that I couldn’t stop looking at it." Ryan is also inspired by the power of simplicity as well as the juxtaposition of materials. "I think that’s why the Jarvis bamboo desktops work well for us," he explains. "You have this very organic, tactile, warm and pleasing element combined with a cold, steel frame." One other thing that will always drive our product development team is sustainability. "We both really feel strongly about building something with renewable resources, delivering them in a way that’s efficient for Mother Earth with as few chemicals or preservatives as possible," David explains. "We’ll always have that as our true north."

And, honestly, they couldn't do it without us. No, I'm not just talking about their colleagues. Ryan and David believe the whole design process is based on collaboration. It starts with customer feedback. Have you ever called or written in to our customer service or warranty teams with a this-works or this-doesn't-work comment? Welp, we take note and fold that into product design. Customer feedback is tremendously valued over here so, keep it coming!

Although people are hella adaptive to workspaces that aren't that supportive of us—ahem, I'm talking to you, fixed-height desk and uncomfortable task chair—that doesn't mean that these spaces are healthy for us. And our products address this sort of normalized sedentary lifestyle; that this world needs more movement is the reason we started designing in the first place.


Just keep moving,


P.S. Just you wait for 2017. Our newest designs will knock your socks off!