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For the Love of Puppies

If you're looking for a way to get a bunch of grown adults (and I suppose I am using that term loosely) to squeal, then I have a one-stop-shop answer for ya: PUPPIES. Granted, here at Ergo Depot, we're all dog people (and cat people and just pro-animal people in general), but there's no denying that when a puppy visits the office, our eyes light up and, somehow, all's right in the world.

Other than bringing happiness into the workplace, inviting furry friends to visit us during the 9 to 5 has some pretty great benefits. Less stress, increased productivity and boosted team morale?! Sign us up! If you don't have any puppies of your own and you're interested in giving back to the community in some way this holiday season, then let me suggest you board the Snuggle Express. In exchange for a donation to the non-profit, the Oregon Humane Society will bring puppies (and kittens if you so desire) to your place of work for cuddles and play time.


Puppy snuggles for everyone!