Happy World Bamboo Day!

Save now on the best desks on—and for—the planet.
Our bamboo furniture is sustainable, durable, and beautiful in any home or office.
Each piece of bamboo furniture we create is unique and showcasing the
the individual beauty and character that make this natural material so special.

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  1. fully jarvis bamboo side table with printer and sidekick white Jarvis Side Table

    Jarvis Side Table

    More workspace that matches your desk
    Starts at $299.00
  2. Mari C-Table white frame Mari C Table

    Mari C Table

    Compact, stylish, and versatile
    Starts at $199.00
  3. fully colbe shelving unit bamboo black frame tall Colbe Bamboo Shelving Unit

    Colbe Bamboo Shelving Unit

    Shelving for effortless office flow
    Starts at $499.00
  4. fully jarvis desk shelf mounted to jarvis desk bamboo with white pillars with computer detail view Jarvis Desk Shelf

    Jarvis Desk Shelf

    Elevate your monitor, Jarvis style
    Starts at $139.00
  5. fully cooper standing desk converter bamboo with laptop Cooper Standing Desk Converter

    Cooper Standing Desk Converter

    Thoughtful design, quality materials
    Starts at $299.00
  6. fully jarvis adjustable keyboard tray bamboo mounted to jarvis desk tilted down Jarvis Adjustable Keyboard Tray

    Jarvis Adjustable Keyboard Tray

    All-day typing comfort
    Starts at $104.30 $149.00
  7. fully mari coffee table bamboo black frame Mari Bamboo Coffee Table

    Mari Bamboo Coffee Table

    Perfect for collaboration, or kicking back
    Starts at $299.00
  8. Colbe Picnic Bench - Bamboo finish with black frame Colbe Picnic Bench 30% off

    Colbe Picnic Bench

    Available in 2 sizes
    Starts at $279.30 $399.00
  9. jarvis bamboo l-shape top only white grommets Jarvis L-Shaped Desktops

    Jarvis L-Shaped Desktops

    Switch up your L-shape top
    Starts at $700.00
  10. bamboo top only white grommets Jarvis Bamboo and Laminate Desktops

    Jarvis Bamboo and Laminate Desktops

    Eco friendly top options
    Starts at $180.00