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About B Corporation Certification


B Corporation Certification

What is a B Corp?

The B Corp certification celebrates businesses that aim to change the way the world does business. B Corporations are members of a global community dedicated to using business as a force for positive change.

Being a B Corp is about mindful and responsible practices at every level of a business, from building healthy supply chains, to offering paternity leave to studying the health impact of our products. It’s about community engagement on a local and global level.

Visit the B Lab website to learn more.

Why we’re excited about being a B Corp

For us, B Corp certification means an opportunity to grow and learn with a community of like-minded businesses; companies that not only take responsibility for our own social and environmental impact, but also seek out suppliers and manufacturers who do the same.

At Fully our work is about being better at being human. We know that the divide between “work” and “life” is an illusion, and that healthy living depends on a healthy workspace. We believe this should be available to every person, from the basement studio to the downtown office. We understand the connection between healthy body, healthy mind, healthy business and a healthy world.

The B Corp certification isn’t about having “arrived”. There is a shared road ahead, building communities that enrich each other and our environment. For us, being a B Corp is about our commitment to walking that road.

B Corporation Certification