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Fully has partnered with Dr. Jen Esquer, @DocJenFit, to help you create your own active workspace

By Dr. Jen Esquer | October 01, 2020
Dr. Jen in home officeDr. Jen in home office

Dr. Jen Esquer is just as passionate about incorporating more movement into the day as Fully is. So when we had the opportunity to collaborate, we high-kicked in excitement! More commonly known as @DocJenFit, a top-40 fitness influencer, she makes optimizing one’s mobility easy with every Instagram post and podcast episode.

We talked with Jen about our partnership, why it’s important to bring more movement to our work, and  her review of some of our top ergonomic office chairs. 

"The chairs allow your body&nbspto move and flow naturally&nbspthrough your workday&nbspwithout feeling like you need to&nbspforce yourself to&nbspmove."

Why Fully? What makes you excited to partner with us? 

Fully makes "sitting" at work FUN! The products are, first and foremost, functionally amazing! You can tell that they have thought through the biomechanics and anatomy of the human body within each design. The chairs allow your body to move and flow naturally through your workday without feeling like you need to force yourself to move. Also, the office equipment is just stylish and cute! I love how creative and unique some of the pieces look and how they work together into a really modern and sleek looking design.

What does ‘movement’ mean to you? Why is this important in your work/life? 

Movement to me means being able to connect with my environment around me with my body in a meaningful and fulfilling way. Movement isn't just supposed to be seen as exercise. Blah. That is boring and sounds like I need to break a sweat. Our bodies are actually these amazing machines that were meant to be MOVING during the waking hours. So.... even in a world where we do a good amount of work that does not require us to move, that doesn't mean we need to choose to stop moving. Movement can always happen throughout our day, even at a "desk job."

Check out @DocJenFit’s top Fully pieces that complete her active workspace.

Chairs that keep you active

Fully Balans Kneeling Chair

With all this sitting and standing, why not kneel a little bit?! The first time kneeling in this chair is an experience to behold because it isn't quite like anything you've experienced before. I like to use this one to mix things up and kneel a little bit. I also like how the backrest is removable and can allow for me to sit move actively or with more support. 

Muvman Sit-Stand Stool by aeris

Tired of sitting or standing? This stool is my perfect option for when I just want to lean into something. Not fully sit or stand, but just lean back into something while I work. Of course, it is also great for sitting and more fully standing, because it also makes you keep your own core engaged without any other back support. My fiancé also uses this to play piano.

Ollo Office Chair by Knoll

If I was looking for a really comfortable seat and a more standard office chair look, this would be my choice. I like the back support because it helps to just give me some feedback, but not allow me to sit back unsupported.

Oyo by Aeris Office Chair

This chair is amazing for both office work and casual sitting. It helps me sit tall and support through my core and also relax back if I were chatting with friends or watching TV. I like this chair because you can sit forward, backward, or sideways on it for slight changes in how it supports you.

Accessories that keep you moving

Floatdeck Balance Board

Another thing to help keep my body engaged while I'm standing and doing some work. When I use this balance board, I find that I stand taller, and breathe better just by how it positions me.

Muvmat by aeris

These pressure points in the feet feel amazing! I love to stand on this whenever I'm not using a sitting or kneeling device so that my feet can get some great feedback from this mat! Shoes and socks off of course!

DocJenFit's setup

Check out the products that help Dr. Jen Esquer do her best work

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    Fully Balans Kneeling Chair
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