Muvman Factory Stool by aeris


The versatile Muvman, retooled with a base cover and textured vinyl seat to handle the toughest environments and keep everyone focused and energized throughout the day.

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The active seat for production lines, assembly shops, and other tough environments.

Equipping manufacturing workplaces with healthy, ergonomic seating has long been a challenge for many industries. Fortunately, aeris has taken up that challenge with Muvman Factory, a workhorse version of its popular office sit-stand stool.

The seat that takes the heat

With its textured vinyl seat and dust cover for the base of the strut, Muvman Factory is built to handle the toughest work environments. To support your body through the double shift, the seat’s patented anti-pressure-point flexzone cushioning relieves the pressure that comes with traditional flat-front seats, which restrict circulation behind the legs. The seat also has a slight arch to keep your pelvis upright, supporting the natural S-shape curve of your spine.

Adjustable, versatile, haulable

Productivity comes down to energy, and energy comes down to keeping your body supported and engaged throughout the day. To encourage this healthy, energy-bringing movement, aeris gave Muvman one of the most impressive height ranges of any stool of its kind, with easy-access buttons integrated right into the seat. Much more than just an up and down stool, Muvman brings you 360 degrees of leaning freedom, and also doubles as a saddle seat—simply rotate the seat forty-five degrees. Behind the seat you’ll find an ergonomic handle that makes taking the stool to another space an easy grab and go.

fully active sitting the body was meant to movefully active sitting the body was meant to move

The body was meant to move

Every Fully chair has its own unique way of aligning your spine, opening your hips, activating your core, and encouraging healthy movement. Learn more.

fully muvman factory stool by aeris dimensionsfully muvman factory stool by aeris dimensions
Details and dimensions 
  • Standard height: 20” - 33”
  • Base width: 15”
  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs
Materials and features
  • Robust special faux leather seat cover
  • Dust-proof cover for the muvzone in the baseplate
  • True sit/stand support at any height
  • Smooth 360° mobility support encourages movement, keeping muscles active and engaged
  • 3 year warranty
  • 4° forward tilt keeps you close to your work surface and your back aligned
  • Practical, ergonomic handle
  • Non-slip, non-scratch rubber base is suitable for all floor types

Shipping dimensions
Muvman Factory Stool  26" 17" 15" 14 lbs
Shipping details
  • Muvman Factory ships via FedEx Ground from Portland, OR or Nottingham, MD

fully muvman sit stand stool by aeris gray microfiber silver base in usefully muvman sit stand stool by aeris gray microfiber silver base in use

The perfect tilt—it’s all about the Muvzone

No matter how you sit, or how often you switch, Muvman’s patented Muvzone—a moveable joint in the baseplate—automatically adjusts the angle of the spring strut to a healthy, hip-opening 4% forward tilt. This gives you 360° of supported leaning freedom while the stool’s base remains flat on the ground.