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Our standing desk mats selection encourages the stability and the subtle movements your body craves. 

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Standing desk mats provide more than a personal comfy zone. Our anti-fatigue mats—also written as anti fatigue mats–work under the body’s radar to support your feet, knees, hips, and back. With balanced movement happening down below, you’re free to focus up above. Stand with confidence—and comfort—when you energize your everyday workflow. 

Your Fully Questions, Answered (FAQ)

Is a standing desk mat worth it?

  • In general, research shows that yes, a standing desk mat is important to use and worth it if you’ve made the switch to a standing desk workspace. Why? Because anti-fatigue mats reduce stress on your body from hard floor surfaces, and provide needed cushion and support. Aside from being more comfortable for your feet, your joints, knees, hips, and on-up your skeletal frame, also benefit. If improved posture and healthier workflow is important to you, using a standing desk mat will be valuable to you.

What makes a good standing mat?

  • A quality standing desk mat is anti-fatigue in that it offers comfort, cushion, and stability—that means it doesn’t slip or move around. It should also fit well with the size of your standing desk. The best standing desk mat will also return energy to an otherwise static posture. There are different designs of quality standing mats, and each offer various physical benefits. Options range from a simple, cushioned energy-return foam mat, to more contoured version with peaks-and-valleys-like terrain to encourage ergonomic movement, and find its natural alignment—all while standing at your workspace.

Do you need an anti-fatigue mat for a standing desk on carpet?

  • If you need stability and support in front of your standing desk on carpet, then yes. All standing desk mats should be anti-slip as well as anti-fatigue. So it shouldn’t move around on you. It really depends on the type of carpet you have—thickness, quality, age and wear—but it’s generally a wise idea to use an anti-fatigue mat, to level your floor surface in front of your standing desk. Some people prefer not to use a mat on carpet because it’s less stable and encourages them to move around more. It’s really up to you. Consider the thickness of the mat too, when adding to a carpet or rug, as this will potentially impact the height of your standing desk. You can always ask us, if you have specific questions or call us directly: 888-508-3725.

How long do anti fatigue mats last?

  • Check on the warranty offered, because these vary and are super helpful. Anti-fatigue mats have different thicknesses, and quality materials. It depends on how often you use your mat, and which one you go with. We offer a range of options. From our Stand Mat V2, to our other contoured, nature-inspired Stand Mats, like the Topo Mini Anti-Fatigue Mat, the larger Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat, or the Muvmat by aeris, there’s something for every standing desk-er. For example, our simplest, energy return foam mat is guaranteed to hold up to normal use— including everyday use—for a year or replace it for free. It’s likely to last longer but a year is the minimum lifespan guaranteed. Other standing surfaces are more involved and offer our 7- year warranty. Note, that we will replace all of our Stand Mats for free if they don’t perform to the minimum lifespan. We're available by Live Chat if you have any immediate questions!