Monitor Arms, Mounts, and Stands

Easily adjust your monitor to a healthy height and angle while creating more workspace

Keeping your monitor at an ergonomic eye-level can save your back and neck while also saving valuable desk space. We’ve got a variety of options, from monitor mounts and arms to laptop stands, that will give you more freedom and flexibility while you work.

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  1. fully-website/product/Jax-monitor-arm-dual-sliders/base-images/fully-jax-dual-sliders-monitor-arm-black-front-01 Jax Dual Monitor Arm with Horizontal Sliders New

    Jax Dual Monitor Arm with Horizontal Sliders

    Premium solution for two monitors
    Starts at $139.50 $279.00
  2. fully-website/product/Jax-single-laptop-arm/base-images/Fully_jax_laptop_arm_silver_v1_136 Jax Laptop Arm New

    Jax Laptop Arm

    Premium ergonomic laptop arm
    Starts at $109.50 $219.00
  3. fully-website/product/jax-monitor-arm-single/base-images/fully-jax-single-monitor-arm-silver-front-01 Jax Single Monitor Arm New

    Jax Single Monitor Arm

    Premium ergonomic monitor arm
    Starts at $89.50 $179.00
  4. fully-website/product/jax-monitor-arm-dual/base-images/fully-jax-dual-monitor-arm-white-front-01 Jax Dual Monitor Arm New

    Jax Dual Monitor Arm

    The strength for double duty
    Starts at $124.50 $249.00
  5. fully-website/product/oripura-laptop-stand/base-images/Fully_oripura_mint_v1_159 Oripura Laptop Stand by Colebrook Bosson Saunders

    Oripura Laptop Stand by Colebrook Bosson Saunders

    Portable, foldable laptop stand
    Starts at $52.00
  6. fully-website/product/fully-laptop-stand/base-images/2021-Q3-hko-laptop-stand-black Fully Laptop Stand 50% off

    Fully Laptop Stand

    Sturdy, slip-resistant laptop stand
    Starts at $29.50 $59.00
  7. fully jarvis monitor arm mounted to jarvis desk with monitor black angled view Jarvis Monitor Arm 30% off

    Jarvis Monitor Arm

    Save space and your neck
    Starts at $90.30 $129.00
  8. fully jarvis dual monitor arm mounted to jarvis desk with monitors black Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm 30% off

    Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm

    Choose a monitor or laptop tray combo
    Starts at $125.30 $179.00
  9. fully jarvis laptop arm mounted on jarvis desk black Jarvis Laptop Arm 30% off

    Jarvis Laptop Arm

    A laptop tray to save your neck
    Starts at $118.30 $169.00
  10. fully-website/product/fully-monitor-stand-with-drawer/base-image/2021-Q3-hko-monitor-stand-drawer-black Fully Monitor Stand with Drawer 50% off

    Fully Monitor Stand with Drawer

    Ergonomic, space-saving monitor stand
    Starts at $49.50 $99.00
  11. fully-website/product/fully-monitor-stand/base-images/2021-Q3-hko-monitor-stand-white Fully Monitor Riser 50% off

    Fully Monitor Riser

    Ergonomic stand for your screen
    Starts at $29.50 $59.00
  12. fully pole mounted monitor arm mounted to jarvis desk with 1 monitor Fully Pole-Mounted Monitor Arm 50% off

    Fully Pole-Mounted Monitor Arm

    Mount up to two monitors
    Starts at $32.50 $65.00
  13. fully jarvis desk shelf mounted to jarvis desk bamboo with white pillars with computer detail view Jarvis Desk Shelf 50% off

    Jarvis Desk Shelf

    Elevate your monitor, Jarvis style
    Starts at $74.50 $149.00

How can I elevate my monitor?

  • Monitor arms, monitor stands, and laptop stands are all great options for elevating your monitor to an ergonomic eye-level. There are many options available to match the style of monitor or screen you work from, and many can be combined on one desk surface for optimum flexibility.

Are monitor arms worth it? Is a monitor stand worth it?

  • Most people have their monitors too low, forcing their back and neck muscles to support their hanging heads. And heads are heavy, accounting for 8 percent of our body weight! A monitor arm or stand is a worthwhile investment to prevent neck, shoulder and back pain, and to avoid eye strain.

Do monitor arms save space?

  • Yes, monitor arms and stands can save space by elevating the monitor or screen above the desk surface. Monitor arms create the most space by attaching to the back of the desk and elevating the screen completely off of the desktop surface. Desk stands and shelves often require more desktop surface area for attachment, but create space underneath for storing small items like notepads and cellphones. Laptop stands leave the least amount of space, but options like our Roost Laptop Stand are also storable to create workspace when you need it.

Are monitor stands universal?

  • It depends on the stand. Our Jarvis Monitor Arm and Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm are our most versatile options with a removable VESA plate and ability to accommodate monitors as heavy at 19.8lbs (9kg). You can also order it with a removable laptop tray.

Do Monitor Arms work with all monitors?

  • No, which is why there are a variety of options available, though some work with many different brands and sizes. Every monitor arm we offer includes detailed information on which monitor styles and sizes will work. Just check out the specifications tab on the monitor arm or monitor stand product page. Or reach out to our customer service team for help.