LED Desk Lamps

Enlighten your workspace with LED brightness-and-temperature-controlled desk lighting.

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  1. fully beam led floor lamp black with couch Beam LED Floor Lamp Sale

    Beam LED Floor Lamp

    Mood-matching light for work, sofa, or bed
    Starts at $140.00 $175.00
  2. fully beam led desk lamp on jarvis desk white clamp Beam LED Desk Lamp

    Beam LED Desk Lamp

    Adaptable dynamic lighting, minimalist design
    Starts at $119.20 $149.00
  3. Aleris Plus in Black Aleris LED Desk Lamp

    Aleris LED Desk Lamp

    See things in a perfect light
    Starts at $63.20 $79.00

Healthy lighting, like a versatile LED desk light, can be a transformative experience. Our slim, touch-sensitive desk lamps—and full-size floor lamp—shine in any setting. Cool and concentrated, to warm and mellow with dimmer light. Design your desk lighting so that it suits your eyes, your mood and your focus. 

Your Fully Questions, Answered (FAQ)

Is LED good for a desk lamp?

  • LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode, is a smart choice in general and especially for desk lamps. In comparison to incandescent bulb desk lighting, LEDs are more energy efficient, planet-friendly, and rarely burn out. LED desk lights are great for saving your eyesight while you work. Their elongated, rectangular shape makes them well-suited to throw radiant or dimmed light across a desk.

How do I choose an LED desk lamp?

  • Your size and shape of your desk are a good place to start. Location of your power source is also important. Small desk lamps now offer many attractive features, still with a very minimal footprint. For example, controlling the brightness—radiant, focused light to dim, soft light—is a great option as well as having an easy touch, color temperature control—from cool to warmer light, depending on your task. Generally speaking, cooler lighting helps with focused tasks and concentration. Warmer lighting is conducive to relaxation. Choose an LED desk lamp that suits the size of desk space you require, the lighting options you want, and your aesthetic. Some LED desk lamps come with USB charging ports, which can be handy for streamlining wire management.

How do you light a study table?

  • LED lighting for a desk might be different from lighting for a study table. For one, because of the sheer size of the study table. Measure your table and determine if one office desk lamp—or more than one—will be needed. Some study tables require only one, centrally-located light source; while others place a desk light or lamp at each end of the study table. If it’s long enough, you might need a desk light every few feet. It all depends on the intensity and range of the light source. The more versatile the desk lamp, the more options you’ll have. A study table that is wired with a power-outlet may also help you determine where to place your desk lamps. Another option might be a floor lamp if you need to make use of the entire work surface.