Jarvis Accessories

We've designed and selected these products to pair perfectly with your Jarvis standing desk setup.

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  1. fully clamp mounted surge protector on jarvis desk black Clamp-Mounted Surge Protector

    Clamp-Mounted Surge Protector

    Power within reach
    Starts at $79.00
  2. fully power grommet cover black in desktop detail view

    Power Grommet Cover

    Easily charge devices from your desktop
    Starts at $69.00
  3. Fully Aleris Desk Lamp Black Aleris LED Desk Lamp

    Aleris LED Desk Lamp

    See things in a perfect light
    Starts at $75.00
  4. fully jarvis monitor arm mounted to jarvis desk with monitor silver side view Jarvis Monitor Arm

    Jarvis Monitor Arm

    Save space and your neck
    Starts at $99.00
  5. fully jarvis dual monitor arm mounted to jarvis desk with monitors white Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm

    Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm

    Choose a monitor or laptop tray combo
    Starts at $159.00
  6. fully wire management kit complete solution gray

    Wire Management Kit

    A convenient bundle of our popular cable management tools
    Starts at $39.00
  7. fully topo topo anti fatigue mats topo standard altostratus gray

    Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Inspired by natural movement
    Starts at $79.00
  8. fully topo mini anti-fatigue mat black

    Topo Mini Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Inspired by natural movement
    Starts at $59.00
  9. fully sidekick file cabinet white with sapphire cushion Sidekick File Cabinet

    Sidekick File Cabinet

    Storage to match your Jarvis and Capisco
    Starts at $299.00
  10. fully wiretamer gray mounted on jarvis desk


    Hide your cords and cables
    Starts at $10.00