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About Fully

When we are fully in our bodies, a better version of us shows up. We feel more, we make better decisions, we're a good force for those around us. — David Kahl, founder

The idea behind Fully is simple: Movement is good. When you move, when you are fully in your body, you feel more present, engaged, and alive. More of you shows up to work, to relationships, to life.

This was the experience David Kahl had when he first sat in the HAG Capisco. At the time, the U.S. furniture business was pretty much as it had always been. The idea that furniture could radically change your experience of work was new, and what inspiring furniture existed was either unaffordable or oceans away.

For David, the Capisco changed everything, beginning with his own life. He felt that this radical new experience in working —in feeling—had to be shared. So he quit his job, converted his father’s barn into a warehouse, and began the slow work of growing a company—from a warehouse of Capisco chairs, to a worldwide search for other inspiring products, to designing his own products when a search came up short. All with the mission of inspiring others to bring their full, active selves to work and life.

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How we pick what we sell

We use every single product we sell so if we don’t love it—how it performs, how it looks, how it’s made— it doesn’t make the cut.

Every product we offer was selected with one purpose in mind: to help you find your body’s natural posture, rhythm and flow so you can feel more alive and engaged in your work. No verbose manuals or special instructions for use—the best guide to our products is your own body. And because every body is different, we sell a variety of options so you can find what works best for yours.

Since we know all our products so intimately, using them every day in our own offices, we offer the best customer support experience on earth.

How we decide what we make

When we can’t find a product that performs the way we want, that’s styled and crafted to our liking, at an affordable price, we design and make it ourselves.

Our Jarvis Adjustable-Height Standing Desk is the desk we wanted but couldn’t find—a high-quality desk that looks beautiful, inspires movement, and is fully adjustable and customizable. To build Jarvis, we worked with environmentally conscious, employee-owned factories, wood recyclers, and bamboo growers. And because we want to make an active work-life available to as many people as possible, we added this feature: it’s affordable. The Jarvis has already become the best selling adjustable-height standing desk on the market, and we continue to make it better.

We’re also proud to have partnered in the design of of a calculated terrain standing anti-fatigue mat, the Topo; a rolling file cabinet that doubles as a table or seat, the Sidekick; a fantastic desk light with adjustable color temperature, the Lumen; and other functional, well-designed basics like monitor arms and WireTamers.

In 2017, Fully introduced active seating options, beginning with the evolution of the everyday chair, the Tic Toc. It’s an alternative to your dining chair, your massage perch, your sewing stool, that keeps you moving and engaged. We think it’s an amazing product, and believe you will too.

We stand behind everything we sell. From design, to manufacturing, to shipping and service after your purchase, Fully is committed to delivering an enriching experience to every one of our customers.

How we choose our partners

We collaborate with designers and manufacturers who are out to revolutionize the idea of what a working environment can be.

Our relationship with every designer, manufacturer, and supplier is based on a shared commitment to healthy lives, communities and planet: clean materials from low-impact or recycled resources, lean manufacturing practices that reduce waste, energy and water use, and companies that invest in their people and communities.

How we live our B Corp values

We appreciate that the B Corp certification is rigorous, and encompasses every aspect of our business from our internal HR to the practices of our supply chain. As a certified B Corp, we commit to:

    • No or lowest possible Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). We seek out materials that don’t require glues or sealants. When a sealant is necessary, it must meet the strictest global VOC emissions standard. Our laminate and powdercoat Jarvis desk tops are Greenguard certified and our bamboo desk top outperforms all emission standards on the market.
    • Sustainability is part of everything we do—And we’re always trying to improve our sustainable practices in designing, manufacturing, packaging and shipping all of our products. For example, our bamboo Jarvis desk tops are made from sustainably harvested bamboo that mature in only 4-5 years while our Greenguard laminate and powdercoat Jarvis desk tops are built from scrap wood fibers. The plastic on the HAG Capisco chair comes from car bumpers, earning it the 2015 European Best Recycled Plastic Product award. From opening an east coast distribution center that cuts down on our carbon footprint, to finding a second life for our product packaging, and even composting our coffee grinds several coffee pots a day, sustainability is just inherently ingrained in every aspect of our company culture.
    • Healthy workplaces. We choose partners who go beyond a safe and fair workplace—who prioritize the wellbeing and engagement of their people. We partner with suppliers from the US, Scandinavia, and Asia, and are proud of their lean manufacturing practices, exceptional quality, women’s leadership and employee ownership opportunities.