Lounge Seating

Recharge and replenish your energy with lounge seating made for collaboration, private conversations, and the comfort of home.

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  1. Yamhill sectional everglade dove gray Yamhill Sectional Sofa

    Yamhill Sectional Sofa

    Sectional with a tailored modern look
    Starts at $4,735.00
  2. Yamhill sofa everglade autumn grass Yamhill Sofa

    Yamhill Sofa

    Comfy, durable, and oh-so-handsome
    Starts at $2,495.00
  3. Yamhill lounge chair leather tan Yamhill Lounge Chair

    Yamhill Lounge Chair

    Mid-century design meets modern comfort
    Starts at $1,309.00
  4. Willamette sectional chair wheat Willamette Sectional Sofa

    Willamette Sectional Sofa

    Crisply designed and customizable
    Starts at $4,695.00
  5. Willamette sofa graphite Willamette Sofa

    Willamette Sofa

    A crisp look and a comfy feel
    Starts at $2,570.00
  6. Willamette lounge chair ocean Willamette Lounge Chair

    Willamette Lounge Chair

    As plush as it is refined
    Starts at $1,289.00
  7. mckenzie sofa potomac leather tan McKenzie Sofa

    McKenzie Sofa

    Beautifully detailed comfort
    Starts at $2,880.00
  8. Mckenzie lounge chair everglade wheat McKenzie Lounge Chair

    McKenzie Lounge Chair

    Our roomiest lounger
    Starts at $1,504.00
  9. Mckenzie sectional sofa everglade autumn grass McKenzie Sectional Sofa

    McKenzie Sectional Sofa

    Our most generous sectional
    Starts at $5,730.00
  10. fully oyo by aeris light gray Oyo by aeris

    Oyo by aeris

    Like sitting on the moon
    Starts at $790.00