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  1. fully colbe shelving unit bamboo black frame tall Colbe Bamboo Shelving Unit

    Colbe Bamboo Shelving Unit

    Shelving for effortless office flow
    Starts at $499.00
  2. Freya Sofa Graphite Freya Sofa

    Freya Sofa

    Comfort and modern simplicity
    Starts at $1,695.00
  3. Nola Pouf Fog Large Rose Medium Pistachio Small Nola Pouf

    Nola Pouf

    Versatile, expressive comfort
    Starts at $295.00
  4. fully mari coffee table bamboo black frame Mari Bamboo Coffee Table

    Mari Bamboo Coffee Table

    Perfect for collaboration, or kicking back
    Starts at $299.00
  5. Mari C-Table black frame Mari C Table

    Mari C Table

    Compact, stylish, and versatile
    Starts at $179.00
  6. Chair Sale!

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    Woman in Fully Balans ChairWoman in Fully Balans Chair
  7. Freya Highback - Graphite Upholstery Freya High Back

    Freya High Back

    Modern design for comfy focus time
    Starts at $2,495.00
  8. Freya Chair graphite Freya Single Seater

    Freya Single Seater

    Spacious, modern comfort
    Starts at $995.00
  9. Colbe Picnic Bench - Bamboo finish with black frame Colbe Picnic Bench

    Colbe Picnic Bench

    Available in 2 sizes
    Starts at $399.00