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The evolution of the everyday chair

Tic Toc

For a chair to be called an everyday chair we believe it should pass one simple test: you should want to sit on it every day. It should bring you energy and joy, not restlessness and pain. It should give your body the freedom to move as it wishes. It should make you feel fully present, engaged, and alive in every moment.

For a chair to be called an everyday chair, it should be much more like the everyday you.

Introducing Tic Toc

After two years and 18 prototypes that came very close but not quite close enough, we’re proud to present the chair we finally got just right. It’s the chair that Fully founder David Kahl dreamed of (ached for) while on an intensive month-long meditation retreat—a chair that you can actually sit on for hours on end, because you aren’t just sitting; you’re actively sitting—swiveling, rocking side to side, keeping your back loose, your spine aligned, your circulation flowing.

To bring Tic Toc to life, we brought in three experts: our bodies, our customers, and Hans Christian Mengshoel, legendary designer of the Balans sitting concept and original kneeling chair. Our bodies asked for movement, more freedom, way less back pain please. Customers who came to our showroom tried our early prototypes and gave us an assortment of suggestions (we listened to all of them). Hans Christian brought his passion for craft and 40 years of celebrated design. For two years we worked to get it right until finally we all—our bodies, our customers, our team—agreed that Tic Toc was everything we had hoped it would be, and David said it was even a little bit more.

The chair that moves with you...

There’s a kind of effortless, intuitive thing that happens with Tic Toc. Your body just naturally moves, sways, stretches according to its own rhythm and needs. It’s a little like that feeling you get from an exercise or yoga practice, when you’re in the zone, flowing, no longer thinking or even conscious of your movements. How to get that feeling at work, at home, at life, that’s really what our work at Fully is about—how can we bring more energy and flow to our everyday lives?

...and occasionally without you.

Tic Toc is something of a migratory animal. It might start in your office but will soon find its way to your kitchen, then on to your living room where one of the kids will likely steal it away to her room. So far we’ve found Tic Toc to be the perfect desk chair (in our office we use it with Jarvis), dining chair, living room chair, meditation chair, task chair, even baby rocking chair. We’ve also heard from some parents around here that Tic Toc is the perfect keep-kids-at-the-table-longer chair. If you find another perfect place for Tic Toc, we hope you’ll let us know.