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Jaswig Nomad Standing Desk

Starting at:

  • 21.5 x 31.5" - +$30.00
    21.5 x 31.5" - +$30.00

When you need a break from standing, these chairs provide just the right amount of support. Supported standing engages your legs and core to help keep an upright healthy posture.

MOGO by Focal

Functioning like a human kickstand, the MOGO is a favorite at Fully for its portability. The simple but robust design allows MOGO to collapse and fit in your backpack.

Ongo Classic

Ongo’s rounded base allows you to shift your weight effortlessly in any direction, keeping your body engaged and mind focused.

  • Mogo Black - +$99.00
    Mogo Black - +$99.00

Relieve your feet, joints and back with flooring that encourages movement.

Topo and Topo Mini Mats

Unlike the standard flat mat, Topo’s nature-inspired peaks and valleys give you more to do than just stand there. Use the front corners as a foot rest, the edges for your get-er-done power stance, the back of the mat for a good stretch, and the ball in the center for a recharging foot massage.

Tic Toc Stand

Like our Tic Toc Chair, Tic Toc Stand is designed not so much to make you move, as to move with you when you naturally shift your weight side to side—or front to back, if you want to mix things up. Two gently curving runners support a standing surface of three sturdy slats, all constructed from natural or black-stained beech veneer.

bundle and save 15% - 21%

  • Topo Black - +$79.00
    Topo Black - +$79.00

  • Topo Gray Altostratus - +$79.00
    Topo Gray Altostratus - +$79.00

  • Topo Mini Black - +$59.00
    Topo Mini Black - +$59.00

  • Topo Mini Gray Altostratus - +$59.00
    Topo Mini Gray Altostratus - +$59.00

  • Tic Toc Stand Black - +$55.00
    Tic Toc Stand Black - +$55.00

  • Tic Toc Stand Natural - +$55.00
    Tic Toc Stand Natural - +$55.00

Elevate your laptop screen into your natural line of sight to bring your spine into its natural alignment. The Roost Laptop Stand is easy to expand and collapse. Spring-loaded, rubber-edged grabbers (industry term) keep your laptop in place.

bundle and save 7%

A chip off the old block, Jaswig's My First StandUp has all of the design features and benefits of the grownup Nomad, only sized to grow with your kid from kindergarten through middle school. Save $25 when you buy them together.

bundle and save 11%

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For big minds in small spaces.

Smart design, affordable price, and economy of size make Jaswig’s Nomad the ideal student desk—though it looks awfully nice in a living room too.

Movement is so essential to feeling good, which is so essential to putting our best selves forward, and Jaswig’s Nomad makes moving easy. Any time you want to change position, just lift, slip and lock the desktop into place. No wrestling, no finger pinching.

So many reasons we love Nomad, beginning with its simple “jigsaw” (Jaswig rearranged) assembly —a puzzle you can easily solve in under 15 minutes. The desk is made entirely of natural materials, from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified birch plywood, to the low-VOC, low-formaldehyde varnish.

Jaswig was also kind enough to provide a footrest, which allows you to shift your bodyweight from one leg to the other throughout the day, not only giving your legs their due rest, but keeping your body engaged, your back loose, and your circulation flowing.

Looking for a supported standing chair to pair with your Nomad? Check out MOGO or Ongo—both work perfectly with Nomad’s narrow frame.

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Jaswig Assembly

Desk features

  • Height range: 36 - 48”
    • 9 heights in 1.5” increments
  • Top size:
    • 21.5 x 31.5”
  • Storage cubby size:
  • 3.2 x 10.75 x 26”
  • Weight capacity: 110 lbs (50 kg)
  • FSC-certified Birch plywood
  • Built-in ergonomic footrest
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

  • Shipping dimensions:

    • 36” x 26” x 6”
    • 40 lbs

    Supported standing chairs

    Ongo Classic: This mushroom-like stool gives you something to lean into when you need a break from standing. It’s tall enough to meet you at your standing desk height, and adjusts low enough to migrate with you to the dining table. The convex base encourages you to stay moving without even thinking about it. The seat adjusts between 21.5 and 30” (55 - 77 cm).

    Mogo is like nothing so much as a human kickstand. Its compact size makes it the perfect supported standing option for small spaces. And Mogo folds up to go with you anywhere you want; study group, your sister’s sportsball event, or waiting in line for Beyonce.

    Roost laptop stand

    The Roost is a collapsable-expandable, lightweight, completely stowable tool to elevate your laptop screen into your natural line of sight. Roost is a perfect companion for your Jaswig desk; light, low-profile, and easy to stash in the desk’s cubby when not in use.

    Something to stand on

    The Tic Toc Stand balance board is a little more active, shifting with you when you shift your weight from foot to foot and back, bringing healthy movement to your standing desk. Two gently curving runners support a standing surface of three sturdy slats, all constructed from natural or black-stained beech veneer.


    • 17.625” wide x 11.5” deep

    Available at a special price with your Jaswig desk, the Topo Mat reimagines the anti-fatigue mat concept. Use the front corners as a foot rest, the edges for your get-er-done power stance, the back of the mat for a good stretch, and the ball in the center for a recharging foot massage. We're not saying you should never leave your desk (in fact, we're fans of a midday meander), but while we're standing, let's not stand still!


    • Topo: 29" wide x 26.25" deep
    • Topo Mini: 25.2" wide x 19.2" deep

    Topo Mini is recommended if you have a smaller space, or if you're ordering a Jarvis narrower than 42".

    My First StandUp

    Jaswig designed their My First StandUp to bring movement where it’s needed most, in the formative years when our kids are best able to acquire lifelong healthy habits. Kids from kindergarten through middle school can color, puzzle, or homework, in healthier upright postures, at the desk that grows with them.

    With all the same features as the Nomad, the My First StandUp looks out for a child’s health:

    • Rounded edges
    • No pinch-points for their fingers
    • Grows with your child
    • High quality natural materials, to maintain your indoor air quality
    • Suited for ages roughly 6 to 12 years


    • Top size: 18 x 23”
    • Height range: 27 - 35”
      • 6 heights in 1.5” increments

    Designed by students for students.

    For Jaswig, the journey began when Daphne, a PhD student, went looking for a standing desk to ease her neck and back pain. Unable to find a well-designed desk she could afford, she and her boyfriend Mathias, an engineering grad, decided to build their own. The desk they eventually landed on not only relieved Daphne’s aches and pains, but it led to bigger questions about our culture’s unhealthy work and study habits, and a growing desire to do something about it—starting in the early years when those habits are first formed (see My First StandUp). Jaswig and its “standing revolution” were born.