Jarvis Standing Desk for Kids

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A standing desk designed to link movement and learning. 

Our Jarvis Kids bundle includes seating options that are specifically designed for young bodies and minds. Looking for other options? See our Standing Desk category for more desk colors, sizes, and discounted accessories.

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The perfect desk for growing kids

Kids not only have a very real physical need to move, but there is growing evidence that kids focus longer, process faster, and learn better when they are given the freedom to move. That’s why we created Jarvis Kids—our best reviewed Jarvis frame now with everything your kids need to stretch, move, grow, and bloom.

With Jarvis Kids—as with all of our products—we are always mindful of the effect of our choices on your children's health and the health of their planet. For the desktop, we offer an eco-conscious bamboo option and laminate tops. The bamboo we use for desktops comes from sustainable forests where it's grown without pesticides or fertilizers, while our laminate tops are GREENGUARD gold certified and are made with a 84% or more of pre-consumer recycled wood fiber. 

Our Jarvis Desk’s adjustable height frame includes an anti-collision safety feature, and the added security of a 7-year warranty.

fully home office natural need for movement kidsfully home office natural need for movement kids

The natural need for movement

Yes, it’s about the desk. The chair. The lighting and accessories. But most of all it’s about creating a space that brings out the best in you and the kids. Learn more.

Top material

Our signature Bamboo desktops are beautiful, sustainable, durable and eco-friendly.

Our Laminate desktops are GREENGUARD gold certified, encasing a heavy-duty, high-density particle board core 84% or more of pre-consumer recycled wood fiber.

fully jarvis standing desk for kids bamboo powdercoat whiteboardfully jarvis standing desk for kids bamboo powdercoat whiteboard
fully color swatches jarvis framefully color swatches jarvis frame

Jarvis Frames

The Jarvis frame has an industry-leading 350 lbs lifting capacity with heavier steel feet and a lifting column that’s wider at the bottom which means a more grounded desk. We offer two desk range options: Extended-range and Mid-range.

Jarvis Extended-range frame allows a greater variety of sit-stand options. We recommend Extended-range for most heights as it accommodates both adults and kids. While our Jarvis Mid-range frame's limited height range accommodates users who are between 5'4" and 6'2 tall. We recommend pairing this option with a taller chair that is meant to be used with height adjustable desks. 

Our frames come in 4 color options: alloy, black, silver, and white

Alloy is a special edition color with the same steel frame, finished with an automotive-grade clear coat. The result is smooth to the touch, but displays the color, texture, and semi-reflective surface of the raw steel, complete with heat marks and welds.

Handset options

 Jarvis is available with our Up-down toggle handset or an upgraded OLED touch programmable handset option with a height indicator screen. The Up-down toggle handset leverages natural arm motion for intuitive adjustment: press down to lower and lift up to raise it. Our OLED touch programmable handset improves access to the customizable features and functions of your Jarvis.

  • Up-down toggle handset: 1" x 1"
  • OLED touch programmable handset: 1.3" x 6"
fully jarvis standing desk handset updown and memory programmablefully jarvis standing desk handset updown and memory programmable
  • 10 year warranty on all desk frame components, mechanical parts, motors, and electrical components
  • 5 year warranty on desktop surfaces, excluding normal wear and tear, and damage caused by improper assembly, disassembly or repair
Details and dimensions
  • Contour tops are not available for this desk
  • Bamboo tops are 0.75" thick, grommeted and non-grommeted
  • All laminate tops are 1" thick and come with a grommet(s)
  • Desktops are paired with our Jarvis Extended-range frame
  • View Jarvis narrow assembly instructions as PDF
  • Truly sustainable bamboo: fully mature plants in 5 years
  • Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees
  • No pesticides or fertilizers are used on bamboo
  • All bamboo tops use European E1-level glues and feature a German wear-resistant UV-cured top coat
  • Laminate tops are made with a minimum of 84% recycled wood fiber particle board (certified by FCS)
  • Top surfaces are made from TFL (thermally fused laminate) which is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and meets the Eco-Certified Composite (ECC) Standard
Top shipping dimensions
Top Size Length Width Height Weight
30" x 24"  33" 27" 3"  16 lbs 
36" x 24" 39" 27" 3" 18 lbs
42" x 24" 45" 27" 3" 21 lbs
Shipping details
  • All tops ship via FedEx Ground from Portland, OR or Nottingham, MD
Jarvis frame details
  • 350 lb lifting capacity (inclusive of top weights)
  • Adjustable foot leveling studs for uneven flooring (0.25" adjustment)
  • Operating noise less than 50dB
Extended-range frame
  • Height adjustable from 24.5" to 50" (without top)
  • Adjustment speed of 1.5" per second with soft start/stop
Shipping dimensions
Frame Box Length Width Height Weight
A - Extended-range 30.5"  13"  5.5"  39 lbs 
B - Narrow 41" 12" 5" 30 lbs
Shipping details
  • Jarvis frames ship via FedEx Ground from Portland, OR or Nottingham, MD
  • The Jarvis frame is split into two boxes so it's easy to move and unbox
  • Frame packaging is 100% recyclable and EPE-free
fully jaswig my first standup kids desk kids jaswig and nomad lifestyle photofully jaswig my first standup kids desk kids jaswig and nomad lifestyle photo

A blank (but not for long) canvas

A hit with our own kids here at Fully, our whiteboard tops promise to bring out the robot-jellyfish-castle-airplane-zebra-with-a-top-hat artist in all of us. Our only disclaimer to parents: good luck getting a turn with the markers.