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Locus Desk Bundle by Focal

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An entirely new approach to healthy working, the Locus Desk gives users the ability to perch in a healthy half-standing position throughout the day. Although specifically designed to use with the Locus Seat, the Locus Desk is a great desk for many sit-stand chairs. Locus Desk has a height range of 36" to 48".


Locus Bundle by Focal Upright Furniture

If you'd like to order only the Locus Desk or Locus Seat, please visit those pages.

If you're interested in most of these accessories, save some dollars by going for the comprehensive Locus Bundle Pro.

We are fortunate to live in a time where the most basic assumptions about how we live and work are being questioned and reexamined.

Why is my desk so low? Is this chair really helping my back?

Renowned industrial designer Martin Keen (founder of Keen Footwear) found himself unsatisfied by the workstation options around him and decided to take another look at how we work.

"There is a place between standing and sitting where our body wants to be. It’s a natural and neutral posture and it just feels right.” --Martin Keen

We couldn't agree more. As advocates of active sitting and integrating movement into the workday, we are excited to introduce a new option in healthy working: Focal Upright Furniture. We guarantee you haven't tried anything else like it.

The visually impactful Locus Seat by Focal is designed to encourage movement and active engagement so you can focus on the work in front of you rather than the seat under you. The half-standing perching position the Locus Seat supports takes pressure off of your lower back and distributes your weight between your feet and legs along with your sit bones. The pivoting pneumatic lift and seat move with you and keep you supported as you make micro adjustments throughout the day.

Locus Seat ships with the wood seat base to keep you supported as you lean into the seat pan, forming an isosceles triangle with your legs and the pneumatic lift. Paired with the open hip angle saddle seats provide, Locus Seat is a truly healthy sitting option. Designed specifically to combat sitting disease, the dynamic Locus Seat keeps the body moving and in natural positions.

Locus Desk moves up an down via the powerful and convenient hand crank in the center of the drive shaft below the table top. While most crank desks require 15+ turns to move the work surface an inch in either direction, Locus moves an inch every four revolutions. Once you are finished adjusting, the desk will lock in place. The table top also tilts up to 15º.

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Locus Desk Specifications and Features:

  • Desk top can be used flat or angled up to 15º
  • Height range from 36" to 48"
  • 180 lbs lifting capacity
  • Powerful crank mechanism moves one inch per four turns
  • Frame constructed of steel and aluminum
  • Desk top dimensions: 30" D x 48" W
  • Desk top comes with cup holders, synthetic leather work surface, and cable management clips

Locus Desk Dimensions:

  • Desk top: D 30″ x W 48″
  • Width between desk legs 40″, height range 36″ to 48″
  • Locus Desk Box Shipping Dimensions:

  • Box Dimensions: 49x40x8"
  • Weight: 99 lbs
  • Locus Seat Specifications and Features:

    • Constructed of aluminum, steel, and molded furniture-grade plywood and polymers
    • Includes anti-fatigue mat on base
    • Lateral range of motion: 15º
    • Fore-aft range of motion: from 5º to 20º forward
    • 300 lbs. weight limit
    • Locus Seat is available in four upholstery options
    • Easily folds for storage (please see dimensions tab for full product dimensions)
    • Seat base has integrated wheels for easy movement and adjustment

    Locus Seat Dimensions:

  • Shortest position: L 37″ x W 25.5″ x H 31″
  • Tallest position: L 45″ x W 25.5″ x H 41″
  • Easy fold for storage: L 37″ x W 25.5″ x H 14″
  • Locus Seat Box Shipping Dimensions:

  • Box Dimensions: 38x27x7"
  • Weight: 38 lbs
  • Options

    Wire management tray

    Powder-coated bent steel. Bolts on to upper desk stretcher. Perfect for keeping wires tidy and out of the way.

  • Dimensions: H 4" x W 6" x L 27"

  • Koncept Equo Desk Lamp

    A beautiful friendship between Focal and Koncept brings this desk-mounted version of the Koncept Equo Desk Lamp directly to your Focal desktop. The custom mount fits directly into the Focal table top in place of one of the cup holders. Impressive arm reach focuses light exactly where you need it. Counterbalance arm design makes it easy to position.

    • Dimensions: 24” high reach, 32” length of arm
    • LED Elements: 28 "Warm White" 3,500 K LED bulbs
    • Gradual dimming with touch strip
    • Color: Silver

    iMac Bracket

    Powder-coated bent steel. Suitable for all iMac computers, Thunderbolt and Cinema displays. Slides on top edge of Locus Desk or back edge of Fixed Shelf, held in place by wood screw.

  • Dimensions: W 7.75" x L 9" x H 1"

  • Stay Flat shelf

    The Locus Shelf provides a level surface even when the desk is at full tilt. Use the shelf to mount a monitor at the ergonomically-correct height.

  • Shelf Dimensions: L 48" x W 10" x H 0.75"
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