Jarvis Crank-Powered Standing Desk

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  • Bamboo

  • MDF

Capisco’s award-winning human-centered design offers more healthy sitting postures in a single chair than three others put together, making it the perfect complement to an adjustable standing desk.

Most of us at Fully choose to sit in a Capisco, so we know it may feel different at first. But we believe in Capisco so much we offer a 90-day no-risk return policy on these chairs.

Capisco: Completely cushioned and upholstered, seat and back.

Capisco Puls: firm molded plastic saddle seat with tailbone cushioning and a more narrow pommel than the classic Capisco.

Capisco Puls Plus: edge-to-edge seat cushioning for slightly more cushy sitting experience.

  • Black Puls Chair with black aluminum frame - +$399.00
    Black Puls Chair with black aluminum frame - +$399.00

  • Gray Puls Chair with silver aluminum frame - +$399.00
    Gray Puls Chair with silver aluminum frame - +$399.00

  • Black Puls Plus Chair with black aluminum frame - +$479.00
    Black Puls Plus Chair with black aluminum frame - +$479.00

  • Gray Puls Plus Chair with silver aluminum frame - +$479.00
    Gray Puls Plus Chair with silver aluminum frame - +$479.00

  • Black Capisco Chair with black aluminum frame - +$599.00
    Black Capisco Chair with black aluminum frame - +$599.00

  • Gray Capisco Chair with silver aluminum frame - +$599.00
    Gray Capisco Chair with silver aluminum frame - +$599.00

Rated the best standing desk mat by The Wirecutter, the Topo standing mat is a whole new flavor of anti-fatigue surface. Designed to imitate natural terrain, the Topo gives you something more to do at your standing desk than just stand. The multi-faceted surface invites shifting, stretching and the range of motion your calves and ankles miss all day at the office.


  • Topo: 29" wide x 26.25" deep
  • Topo Mini: 25.2" wide x 19.2" deep

Topo Mini is recommended if you're working with a smaller space, or if you're ordering a Jarvis narrower than 42"

See Options Tab for more details.

  • Standard Size - Black - +$79.00
    Standard Size - Black - +$79.00

  • Standard Size - Altostratus Gray - +$79.00
    Standard Size - Altostratus Gray - +$79.00

  • Mini - Black - +$59.00
    Mini - Black - +$59.00

  • Mini - Altostratus Gray - +$59.00
    Mini - Altostratus Gray - +$59.00

A Jarvis Monitor Arm can really save your neck. Literally. By elevating your laptop or monitor screen into your natural line of sight, you can reduce neck strain and the head- and back-aches that come with it.

Available in Black, Silver, or White, and Single and Dual mount styles to accommodate all combinations of laptop and monitors.

  • Single Monitor Arm - +$79.00
    Single Monitor Arm - +$79.00

  • Single Laptop Arm - +$118.00
    Single Laptop Arm - +$118.00

  • Dual Arm - 2 Monitors - +$129.00
    Dual Arm - 2 Monitors - +$129.00

  • Dual Arm - 1 Laptop, 1 Monitor - +$168.00
    Dual Arm - 1 Laptop, 1 Monitor - +$168.00

Casters: These handy desk wheels help you move your workspace when you want to, then lock it in place when you’re ready to work.

Desk Hooks: This pair of magnetic hooks will hold up to 35 lbs each, mount them anywhere on your Jarvis frame.

Bottle Opener: Made of super strong stainless steel and easily mounts under Jarvis Desk. Even has a magnet to catch your caps.

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Unplugged but every bit as electrifying

What to do when the desk you design becomes widely reviewed as the best standing desk on the market? Get back to work, of course.

Since developing our award-winning Jarvis Standing Desk, we’ve made all kinds of adjustments and we’ve introduced a slew of other shapes and options, from Jarvis Reclaimed to Jarvis Evolve to our treadmill and adjustable L-shaped desks. We are now pleased to introduce Jarvis Crank-Powered: same award-winning craftsmanship as our other Jarvis standing desks, and same support for your every sitting-standing-shifting- stretching whim, minus the plug so you can put it any place you like.

With its sturdy hand crank, Jarvis Crank-Powered can be easily adjusted from 27 to 46 inches—an inch with every three rotations. Similar to Jarvis Electric, its lifting column is wider at the bottom for a more stable desk than the “martini glass” style of many adjustable height desks you’ll find out there. And unless you like to keep your dumbbells close at hand, its 150-lb. lifting capacity is more than enough for most needs. For more lifting capacity (350 lbs.), a narrower or wider desktop, or additional height adjustability, take a look at our Jarvis Electric desks.

As for what’s on top, Crank-Powered Jarvis can be configured with any of our eco-friendly Jarvis desktops.

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View Jarvis Crank Powered assembly instructions as PDF

Jarvis bamboo tops

  • Thickness: 3/4" thick (20mm)
  • Glue: certified European E1-level and Japanese Zero Formaldehyde
  • Finish: German wear-resistant UV coating
  • Sustainability:
    • Fully mature trees in 5 years
    • Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent trees
    • No pesticides or fertilizers required for growth
    • Material harvested by hand preserving root structure
    • Mao and Moso species bamboo, sourced from sustainable forests

Jarvis powder coat MDF tops

  • Thickness: 3/4" thick (20mm)
  • Core material: medium-density fiberboard
  • Surface: thermotech powder coat
    • Scratch-resistent
    • VOC and formaldehyde-free

Jarvis Crank-Powered frames specifications

  • Industry-leading warranty: 7 years on all frame and mechanical components
  • Suitable desktop size range: 48" - 60"
  • Height adjustable from 27.5" to 46" (without top)
  • 3.25 revolutions per inch of travel
  • 57 crank rotations to travel full height range
  • Operating noise: less than 20 dB
  • Max Weight: 150 lbs


  • Jarvis frames ship via FedEx Ground from Portland, OR and Baltimore, MD.
  • Box dimensions: 41.75" x 14" x 9.5"
  • Weight: 68lbs

Wire Management Grommets

Optional wire management grommets are situated on the back left and right corners of your desktop. The drilled openings are circular and measure 80mm (approximately 3.15") in diameter. The covers are black plastic, and measure 95mm (3.75") across.

Power Upgrade

We also offer powered grommets, which are also available in black or white. Our powered grommets include one AC outlet and two USB ports, so you can plug in up to 3 devices per grommet. You can upgrade zero, one, or both of your grommets.

Wire Management Bundle

We have put together a convenient bundle of some of the most popular cable management tools ready to ship out with your Jarvis frame.

  • Fully surge protector with 12ft cable (qty 1)
  • Two Wiretamer cable trays in the color of your choice
  • Adhesive cable mounts (qty 10)
  • Zip ties (qty 20)

The Fully surge protector is ETL listed, and offers six AC outlets and two USB 2.0 ports, and protects against power surges up to 880 joules. The 12' cord provides enough cable for your desk to move up and down; no need to worry about the reach of cables when raising the desk to standing height. Use the zip ties to keep everything organized.

Jarvis Monitor Arm

Jarvis Monitor Arm by Fully is a fully-functional, great looking, affordable gas-activated monitor arm. The ease-of-use is unparalleled by others in its class. An articulating monitor arm is a great addition to any ergonomic workspace, including both height-adjustable and fixed-height desks. J2 accommodates most VESA compliant monitors.

Jarvis Monitor Arm is available with one (single) or two (dual) arms with optional laptop tray, and comes in black or gray, matching your Jarvis frame.

HAG Capisco and Puls

Meet the best standing-desk chairs on the market.

The HAG Capisco family combines the utility of a task chair, with the posture of a saddle chair, and a versatility all its own. The result is an active seat designed to encourage movement and built so you can sit, lean, perch, crossleg and origami yourself to your heart's content. These seats give you the options that no regular chair does.

The HAG Puls chair is all clean lines, constructed of recycled molded plastic, and aluminum, with a 8.5" x 12" cushion in the seat centerwith a firm seat, and just enough cushion to keep your butt bones happy. This is a firm but surprisingly comfortable seat.

The Puls Plus features the same build as the Puls, but sports additional cushioning, going all the way to the edges of the seat pan, for a still-firm, but slightly more cushy sitting experience. This is a great choice for somebody who likes a little more cushion, but prefers the narrower saddle of the Puls over the wider one of the Capisco.

The Capisco is not only the original design that led to the Puls and Puls Plus, it's also the chair that started our love affair with healthy seating. Fully cushioned and upholstered seat and back make this seat extra comfortable to sit in backwards, but it does have a slightly wider saddle than the Puls and Puls Plus.

Topo Standing Mat

Available at a special price with your Jarvis desk, the Topo Mat is a renaissance of the anti-fatigue mat concept. A multi-faceted surface mimics the variation in natural terrain, giving your calves and ankles the healthy range of motion they might find on a leisurely forest stroll. We're not saying you should never leave your desk (in fact, we're fans of a midday meander), but while we're standing, let's not stand still!


  • Topo: 29" wide x 26.25" deep
  • Topo Mini: 25.2" wide x 19.2" deep

Topo Mini is recommended if you have a smaller space, or if you're ordering a Jarvis narrower than 42".

Co-designed by you.

We learned long ago that if we want to get a desk just right, we need to first open our ears. In the case of Jarvis Crank-Powered, what we heard from you was that you wanted all of the features of Jarvis Electric—same design, craftsmanship, adjustability—only without being tethered to an outlet. For some of you, cost was also a concern.

Thanks in part to your brilliant suggestions, and thanks in part to the tireless efforts of the same designers, engineers and manufacturers who brought Jarvis Electric to life, we are thrilled to give you Jarvis Crank-Powered—an equally exceptional desk at an even more affordable price.