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  1. Colbe Picnic Bench - Bamboo finish with black frame Colbe Picnic Bench

    Colbe Picnic Bench

    Available in 2 sizes
    Starts at $279.30 $399.00
  2. Freya Sofa Graphite Freya Sofa

    Freya Sofa

    Comfort and modern simplicity
    Starts at $1,186.50 $1,695.00
  3. Harlen Sofa Graphite Harlen Sofa

    Harlen Sofa

    Roomy, modern comfort
    Starts at $1,256.50 $1,795.00
  4. Nola Pouf Fog Large Rose Medium Pistachio Small Nola Pouf

    Nola Pouf

    Versatile, expressive comfort
    Starts at $206.50 $295.00
  5. Freya Chair graphite Freya Single Seater

    Freya Single Seater

    Spacious, modern comfort
    Starts at $696.50 $995.00
  6. Freya Highback - Graphite Upholstery Freya High Back

    Freya High Back

    Modern design for comfy focus time
    Starts at $1,746.50 $2,495.00
  7. fully oyo by aeris charcoal gray Oyo by aeris Sale

    Oyo by aeris

    Like sitting on the moon
    Starts at $553.00 $790.00