Roost Where You Wanna; Your Active Office On The Move

Jen MacKaben | July 21, 2016
Fully Roost with laptop beside the Willamette River Fully Roost with laptop beside the Willamette River

My laptop is an essential tool in my work and, unfortunately, daily screen use can be uber unhealthy on the body. Although standing desks and active-office seating help to create a more healthy workspace, if you are not elevating your computer monitors or laptop screens to eye level, you are not reaping any ergonomic benefits.

So, when I heard about a radical, new laptop stand that can be used as a mobile active-office workstation, I just had to know what all the hype is about. Introducing my work week with Roost:

Day 1:
The slim black bag, about as long as a ruler and cinched with a short drawstring at one end, is handed to me. I had heard that the Roost Laptop Stand is easily transportable, but it's a pleasant surprise seeing just how light and collapsible it is designed to be. After I slide the contraption out of its pouch, intuitively I tug on the sides and the shape of the laptop holder reveals itself. I place my Macbook in its pivoting grips and am instantly impressed by the stability. I mean, currently I am purposely knocking into my desk and this stand keeps on standing.

Laptop in a Fully Roost with keyboard and mouse on tree stump beside riverLaptop in a Fully Roost with keyboard and mouse on tree stump beside river

Day 2:
This morning I'm more inclined to sit at my desk, so what a great time to test the height adjustability. With my laptop secured in the tray, it was simple to apply pressure to the white side notches, which allow my screen to slide to a lower position. Although, I must admit that it is not as easy to adjust Roost's height to a higher position with the laptop resting in it. Thankfully, momentarily displacing my laptop out of its comfy nest in order to readjust is simple enough.

Day 3:
Today I had the bright idea to try using the Roost without my wireless keyboard and mouse. Okay, so, good news, the stand doesn't fold under the pressure from my wrists resting on my laptop as I extend my arms outward to type. However, this Michael-Jackson-Thriller-dance pose isn't exactly comfortable to work in. After about 20 minutes of this, my arms need a break.

A hand works on a laptop on a roost outsideA hand works on a laptop on a roost outside

Day 4:
Field trip! I fold up the stand, sling it in its pouch and carry it, along with my laptop, to Portland's esplanade. Update: wow, working remotely actually feels good. And, check out this view! Look, ma, I'm using my laptop appropriately so you don't have to worry about me straining my neck, spine or eyeballs!


Day 5:
Welp, it's day 5 and I'm not tired of this thing at all. Overall, I'm a fan of the small amount of space it takes up, both folded up and when in use. My favorite Roost use is being able to make anywhere I damn please into my mobile office. For those of us who choose (or are just plain required to work remotely), I wholeheartedly believe that this laptop stand is a monumental upgrade. No more straining your body when typing away at your favorite coffee shop!

A roost with a computer on it being used at a coffee shopA roost with a computer on it being used at a coffee shop