Contour desk vs. rectangle desk: Which is best for you?

Which one is better? Figure out if sitting against a straight edge or curved edge is better for you and your needs.

August 15, 2016  |  Jen MacKaben
Jarvis Bamboo Contour standing deskJarvis Bamboo Contour standing desk

We offer several ways to make your new Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk uniquely yours. Alloy or black desk frame? Power grommets or clamp-on power strip? Monitor arms or desk shelf? All of the above?

Then there’s the shape of your Bamboo desktop. For many people, choosing between our rectangle and contour desktops is all about looks. But there are a few more things to consider when deciding if you’ll go classic or curved.

Jarvis Bamboo Rectangle standing deskJarvis Bamboo Rectangle standing desk


— 3.75” of more deskspace

— Available in all desktop sizes and materials, including Jarvis L-Shape

— Works with all desk drawer and keyboard tray options


— Stylish curve adds a sophisticated look, revealing beautiful bamboo edging

— Great for resting your wrists as you work

— Awesome choice with a treadmill

— Allows you to scooch in closer and reach more of your desktop


— Compatible accessories include: Bamboo Desk Drawers, Fully Fixed Keyboard Trays and ESI Keyboard Trays

— Unfortunately, the contour top is not compatible with the Adjustable Keyboard Tray and Fully Desk Drawer

Close up of the detail of a contour top on a Fully Jarvis standing height deskClose up of the detail of a contour top on a Fully Jarvis standing height desk

Still having trouble deciding? Our customer service team is happy to help. Give them a call or send them an email and they can help you decide which desktop is right for you.